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  1. Top 3 Fall Baits

  2. Topwater Prop Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Patrick Walters

  3. Bassman Compact Spinnerbait Tackle Breakdown

  4. Top 3 Braided Lines

  5. How To Fish A Jig

  6. What to use on the St. Lawrence River in the Summer

  7. Sufix 131 Braided Line Tackle Breakdown

  8. Stealth Feider Jig Tackle Breakdown

  9. Vision 110 Jerkbait Tackle Breakdown

  10. Best Mississippi River (Pool 9) Summer Bass Fishing Baits

  11. Finesse Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

  12. Damiki DC 200/300 Pete's Secret Stash

  13. Daiwa Zillion - Pete's Secret Stash

  14. Sufix 832 Braided Line Tackle Breakdown

  15. Power Pro Braided Line Tackle Breakdown

  16. Riot Baits Lil' Creeper Jig Tackle Breakdown

  17. Popper Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

  18. Drop Shot Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

  19. Essential Topwater Adjustments

  20. Top 3 Late Summer Techniques

  21. Texas Rig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line)

  22. Berkley MaxScent Flatnose Jerk Shad Tackle Breakdown

  23. Riot Baits Little Fuzzy Tackle Breakdown

  24. Big Bite Real Deal Craw Tackle Breakdown

    Russ Lane designed this craw with a realistic look in mind.

  25. Riot Baits Fuzzy Beaver Tackle Breakdown

  26. Rapala Tiny OG 4 Tackle Breakdown

  27. How to Choose the Right Texas Rigged Worm

  28. How to Fish a Jig In Cold Water

  29. Rapala DT 8 Tackle Breakdown

  30. Riot Baits Tantrum Tackle Breakdown

    The Tantrum is a small chunk, but it packs a big punch!

  31. How to Plan a Fishing Trip to the Boundary Waters

  32. Big Bite Kriet Tail Lizard Tackle Breakdown

    Big Bite Baits has a big brother to their Pro Lizard! The Kriet Tail Lizard has a larger tail to attract those bigger bites.

  33. Big Bite Creature Tackle Breakdown

    The Big Bite Creature is your standard brush hog style bait. While this shape is well known in the southern US, it can be a productive bait up north during the spawn.

  34. Wacky/Neko Rig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Patrick Walters

    Wacky rigs and Neko rigs go hand in hand so, Patrick uses the same setup for both techniques.

  35. Swim Jig Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Patrick Walters

    Patrick shows his tournament setup when fishing with swim jigs.

  36. X Zone True Center Stick Tackle Breakdown

    The X Zone True Center Stick does everything a worm bait should, and it does it well.

  37. Greenfish Tackle Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    Greenfish knows how to make a lifelike and beautiful bait. Whatever the forage, Greenfish will have a color pattern to match!

  38. Greenfish Tackle Gaff Swim Jig Tackle Breakdown

    The Gaff of all Gaff's. This jig is named for the thick, sharp, Gaff hook from Gamakatsu on it.

  39. Yamamoto Senko Tackle Breakdown

    The Yamamoto Senko Worm is one of the most popular stick baits for anglers everywhere, and for good reason!

  40. How to Choose the Right Buzz Bait

    As Patrick Walters says, "Who doesn't love a good topwater strike?" And buzz baits are a great way to get that blowup!

  41. Berkley Chigger Craw Tackle Breakdown

    The Berkley Chigger Craw doesn't have any flashy features when you first look at it, but then you use it and you find out that it's a fantastic bait.

  42. Top Bass Fishing Lakes In Virginia

    Virginia has more than 176,000 acres of public lakes just waiting for you to fish them. If you’re new to the area, visiting, or just plain don’t know where to start, stats like that can be daunting.

  43. Megabass Destroyer P5 Rods (Madbull and Wind Buster Walkthrough)

    Pete talks about a couple models in the Megabass Destroyer P5 line of rods, the Madbull and the Wnd Buster.

  44. Daiwa Steez Reels - Everything You Need to Know!

    Pete breaks down the Daiwa Steez reels here and showcases everything that makes them the high-end reels that they are.

  45. Seaguar Tatsu Tackle Breakdown

    As Seaguar's most premier line, it combines two kinds of fluorocarbons into one, giving you the characteristics of abrasion resistance and softness.

  46. How to Choose the Right Jig Trailer w/ Seth Feider

    Seth goes into detail about what you should consider when choosing your jig trailer, namely movement and water temperature.

  47. How to Choose the Right Football Jig

    Pete explains what characteristics to look out for when making decisions on what football jigs to use.

  48. The Heddon Zara Spook Tackle Breakdown

    Pete breaks down the Zara Spook, the bait that has stood the test of time for a good reason.

  49. Crestliner MX 21

  50. Catch Up with John Cox

  51. MX21 Complete Walkthrough

  52. The Storm Arashi Cover Pop Tackle Breakdown

    Pete breaks down the Arashi Cover Pop, an amazing, splashy, hard topwater bait.

  53. The Greenfish Tackle Hammerhead Buzzbait Tackle Breakdown

    Pete breaks down the Greenfish Tackle Hammerhead, a top tier buzzbait.

  54. Spinnerbait Setup (Rod/Reel/Line) - Seth Feider

    Seth Feider shows his go to setup when fishing spinnerbaits for bass.

  55. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait Trailer

    Seth Feider breaks down what makes a good trailer for certain conditions to help you make the right decision.

  56. How to Choose the Right Spinnerbait

    Seth Feider dives into the technical aspects of a spinnerbait so you can choose the right one for any condition.

  57. CEO Matt Johnson Talks with Catchin' KARP Outdoors

  58. Welcome Stray Cast Fans!

  59. Top 10 Products of 2020

  60. South Carolina Top Bass Fishing Lakes

  61. How Big Are Tungsten Flipping Weights?

  62. Top Bass Fishing Lakes In Missouri

    The landlocked Midwestern State of Missouri is nestled between the borders of 8 US States (tied for a record among US States-the other in TN) and boasts some of the best largemouth bass fishing in the Country.  From massive waterbodies like Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock to smaller, less recognized lakes, Missouri’s world class fisheries as well distributed throughout the State.

  63. Top Fishing Lakes in North Carolina for Bass

    The best bass fishing regions for North Carolina broken down by lake.

  64. Introducing the Tactacam Fish-i

    We’ve all been on more than one fishing trip where we missed the hookup because the person running the camera wasn’t recording. With a mounted Tactacam Fish-i camera and features like LOOP RECORDING, you’ll never miss these exciting events that count!

  65. Patrick Walter's Lake Eufaula Elite Series Setups

  66. Father’s Day Fishing Guide - The Best Gifts for Dad

  67. How Does a Bass See Your Tackle in Water?

    Learn how largemouth and smallmouth bass interpret color.

  68. Destination Ice Fishing for Giant Perch

  69. Best Ice Fishing Lakes In the Upper Midwest

    Here are some of the top ice fishing destinations you should look at if you are planning a trip this winter

  70. Early Ice Walleye Fishing

  71. Sturgeon Fishing on the St. Croix: What you need to know to catch a living dinosaur

  72. Seth Feider Tops St. Clair

  73. Striker Predator Series Ice Jacket and Ice Bib Overview

  74. The Best Musky Baits For Fall

  75. How To Set Up An Umbrella Rig

  76. Leech Lake Summer Bass Fishing

  77. Cold Water Cranking

  78. Bass Jig Fishing Tips

  79. How to Fish the Umbrella Rig

  80. Dropshot Fishing

  81. How To Fish A Jerkbait For Bass

  82. How To Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits

  83. How to Catch Bass with Topwater Frogs

  84. Why Custom Colors Matter in Fishing

  85. Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

  86. Lake Champlain Fishing Report - Spring/Summer

  87. How to Fish the Jika Rig

  88. Crankbait Fishing: How to Use the Square Bill

  89. How to Fish the Ned Rig

  90. Sam Rayburn Spring Bass Fishing Tips

  91. Toledo Bend Lake Fishing Report

  92. How To Use Spinnerbait: Selecting the Best Spinner Blades

  93. Interview: Seth Feider Previews the 2019 Bassmaster Classic

  94. Walleye Fishing Tips

    How to Catch More Walleye While Trolling

  95. Neko Rig Fishing - The Essentials

  96. Lake Mille Lacs Bass Fishing Report

  97. How Can I Catch Spring Walleye on Lake Mille Lacs?

  98. What is Spybait Fishing?

  99. Great Ice Fishing Lures + Products for 2018

  100. How Jason Dudek Fishes Lake Minnetonka

  101. How to Organize Your Tackle Box

  102. How to Choose a Fishing Line

  103. Choosing The Right Hook

  104. Tackle for Dropshot Fishing