Omnia Fishing is a better platform for purchasing fishing tackle and gear. We provide a tailored shopping experience based on the lakes and species you fish.

Buying fishing tackle online can be difficult because a lot of the products aren’t relevant to where you fish. Online stores serve huge markets and there’s no limit to the number of products they can carry. Relevant product sorting is important and there’s no better way to sort products than by lake attributes: conditions, species, and fishing styles.

Our shop-by-lake concept is the experience you deserve: we recommend the right product types, colors, and sizes based on the unique features of your fishing destination, to help you have a great day on the water.

Our platform matches all of our product data (subcategory, type, and attributes) to relevant species and fishing styles, and to our lake data; water clarity, waterbody type, and depth range. The result is the lake-specific bait shop experience, online. You get the right products, recommended to you as if you’ve stepped into that bait shop on the shore of your favorite lake.

A lot of fishing technology has moved in the direction of giving away spots on a lake. That’s not our model. We believe in building our community by helping each other head to the water with the right products.

You can expect a different shopping experience. The right products for the lakes, species, and styles you fish and best-in-class service and shipping!