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Millerods are no ordinary bass rods. They are the product of meticulous R&D collaboration between Australia’s first Elite Pro Angler Carl Jocumsen and Australia’s premier rod designer Ian ‘Barra’ Miller. Jocumsen and Miller have enjoyed a long association in Australia, particularly regarding rod designs for Australian bass and tournament fishing, and together they now bring a refreshingly new and innovative perspective to rods designed for largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing! These rods are simply awesome both visually, and most importantly, in the hand. The balance, sensitivity, and lightness are all immediately apparent. Tie on a lure and be amazed at how well they cast, and how smoothly they perform… These rods are so inspiring that all you will want to do is go fishing! Exhaustively field tested from north to south, and east to west, and boasting their unique blend of style and function, every inch and every component is individually tuned and selected for maximum performance and enjoyment on the water.


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  1. MillerodsMillerods Spinning Rods

    Millerods Spinning Rods

    $299.99 – 315.99

  2. MillerodsMillerods Casting Rods

    Millerods Casting Rods

    $299.99 – 330.99

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