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Omnia Ambassador Creator Tools

Video creator tools apply to gold and blue level ambassadors. If you are interested in getting started and want to learn more about what the Omnia Ambassador program has to offer, check out all the details here!

If you have questions during any of the creator tool or ambassador process, please contact: trevor@omniafishing.com

Gold Level Creator Tools

Gold Level Ambassadors are able to take their expertise to the next level through the submission of Lake Breakdown Videos. Once a gold ambassador successfully files three quality lake breakdown videos, they are able to move up to be a Blue Ambassador where they are able to earn affiliate cash payments on their fishing reports and video content. 

Each lake breakdown video is reviewed by an Omnia staff member and will be featured on the lake page it was recorded for.

What is a lake breakdown video?

Lake Breakdown videos are a general overview video of a specific species/season/lake that will be featured front and center on our lake page. They are meant to be a helpful guiding overview for someone who may not be familiar with fishing a particular species on a new body of water.

For example: Trevor Lo gives an overview of fishing Smallmouth Bass during the Fall on Mille Lacs Lake


How to create a lake breakdown Video

We use a tool called VideoAsk where you will be asked three questions related to fishing for a specific species during a season and the gear you like to use to catch them. 

This tool allows you to record your answers within the platform on your phone or computer. You can start your recording as many times as you like and only need to submit the answer/recording once you approve of it before moving onto the next step.

Questions we will ask you to record 

(sample answers are given for each)

  1. Quick intro about yourself and the species, season, and waterbody you are going to cover.
  2. What is the structure/cover you are targeting and why?
  3. What are two techniques you use and the tackle that you recommend?

Tips for creating a quality lake breakdown video

  • Choose an area that has good lighting and allows you to showcase your gear within the video. (on the water, in the boat, on shore, in a garage, at a table. etc.)
  • If you are using a phone, hold it in the horizontal position.
  • Show off your gear! Hold up baits and gear to the camera.

Create a Lake Breakdown video HERE

Blue Level Creator Tools

Blue creator tools take your video content to the next level in that you can upload your own videos and tag them to be shoppable videos. These videos can be tagged across the Omnia website and will give you access to earning potential for your new or existing content. 

Blue ambassadors get set up with their own affiliate account and will be able to tag any product Omnia carries as it corresponds to the content within your video. 

How do I get set up with an affiliate and creator account?

You will communicate with an Omnia staff member who will get you set up and will give you a demo of the creator tools admin. Once you are set up, you can either send over your raw video files or indicate which videos from your YouTube page you want to tag to be shoppable.

For Example:

Trevor Lo Swimbait Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InIkklfZp7E

Trevor Lo Swimbait Shoppable Video format - https://www.omniafishing.com/omnia-videos/swimbait-fishing-101?t=0

If you have any questions regarding uploading/tagging your videos or would like to get your video library on the Omnia site, please contact: brad@omniafishing.com