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What is Omnia Premium?

We consider all of our customers Members of the Omnia lakes community.  However, we do have a Premium Membership that offers free shipping with no minimums, early access to new products and promos, and a 10% credit rebate for most purchases.  Some restrictions apply.  You’ll receive the 10% credit on qualifying purchases right away and can use it on a future purchase.

The Omnia Premium Membership is available for $29/year.  We also have promotion pricing on premium for anyone that would like to help us manage lake pages and file fishing reports. Contact us at for details.

What Restrictions Apply to Omnia Premium?

Omnia credit will be issued on all purchases where a discount of less than 20% is applied.  On occasion we’ll run promotions with a discount of 20% or more.  Sometimes these promos are only available to Omnia Premium Customers.  Premium Credits will only be issued on orders or specific product purchases when a discount is less than 20%.  We also must follow our vendor supplier agreements and some brand restrictions can apply and change from time to time.

Why did you Create Omnia? 

We’re trying to create the feel of a small mom and pop bait shop that can provide answers to the question “what lake are you going to and what do you plan to fish for?”  BUT, we want to offer the selection of online tackle stores.  

We wanted to narrow products down for every customer based on the lakes you fish, the conditions and characteristics of that lake, the species you want to catch during a specific time of year. 

Most people want help in the retail store to narrow down the items they need.  The bigger the store, the more options there will be which is good for some but overwhelming for others.   Bigger stores also need to serve large geographies so many of the products you see aren’t there for you. The best retail stores are small and serve a small geography.  In other industries these types of stores have disappeared. Large online retailers stock an even larger selection of products because they can serve the entire globe. That means even more products that aren’t relevant to your lakes and rivers.  Many people want to shop online and have become more familiar with the process. We’ve attempted to create the small tackle shop experience by relating our products to waterbodies based on the species that are present, how clear the water is, how deep it is, how the season change, and what others are reporting is working.

Most of the time the product selection is too broad or not broad enough.  We’re trying to solve that.

Our solution to this problem was of our product recommendations into a mapping platform that normalizes lake and product data and uses approximately 235,000 relationships between key fishing variables and water body attributes.  You select a lake and we start personalizing the products you see.

We want you to have our cake and eat it too.  We can carry a wide product selection because we’re online and can serve the globe (the benefits of e-commerce) but we’re working to recommend the right products for the right lake and angler profile (the benefits of the brick and mortar).  

Many anglers already buy products online but the shift to online purchases hasn’t happened as fast as a lot of other industries.  Our theory is that anglers rely on information specific to their water body, species, styles, season and others. There’s a lot of variables and if you change one variable the gear needs to change.  We’re the first retail experience that creates a custom selection that starts with water body attributes like clarity, depth, and other characteristics that create unique catching opportunities. The online marketplace doesn’t serve the needs of the anglers because they rely on data curated based on their specific needs which change a lot based on geography.  

The relationships between products and water bodies is way more complex than a sort function which is what we see in most ecommerce solutions.  This opens a big opportunity to create an experience built specific for angler needs.  

How does Tackle Sorting by Lake work?

It’s like walking down the aisle at a tackle store and having a light come on above each product that is relevant to you at the time.  The Omnia system is designed to show only the part of our inventory that matches species, season, relevant styles and specific lake characterlike (of the lakes you fish like clarity and depth.

Don’t know what styles might work?  That’s okay, we match styles to the current season and species life cycle for the lake you’re on and the products you see match those styles.  

We’ve provided lake specific shopping like it should be in the fishing industry.  Every product we carry is indexed by subcategory and we have developed an algorithm that has matched all these relationships.  We think the best model is the lake specific bait shop experience. Have the right products recommended to you as if you’ve stepped into that mom and pop bait shop.  Behind the scenes we have a very complex set of code that takes inputs you provide to recommend the right product and the system will narrow down that list of products are you add more inputs.  We’ve attempted to make this process easy.  

Start by selecting a lake and if we have data for that water body we already know what species are in it, how clear it is normally, and how deep it is. We also know the season and what styles of fishing work best based on where in lake is located (Fall in Minnesota or Wisconsin is very different than fall in Texas).  After you narrow down the style you want to use or make adjustments in the clarity value of the water body we present the right products to you.   

What Do I Do with All the Relevant Products I See on the Lake Page?

Once products are presented you either (1) accept the recommendation and add them to your cart, (2) add them to your wish list, (3) indicate you already own them, or (3) reject them.  All of these are important inputs so we can continue to provide the best recommendations possible. As the seasons change we’ll make new recommendations and the process starts again. Once you have product in your account you’ll be able to view them by waterbody and sort further by style, season, and species.

We don’t look at individual purchases decisions or rejections but as we see product types, brands or colors get rejected in mass the system begins to fine tune the results by lake.  When new products are introduced in the system, users that have favorited a lake will only need a refined set of those products. This is a better shopping experience for anglers!

We’re building a community around specific bodies of water and will provide access to communication and influence of the recommendation engine.  By purchasing products from our recommendation list based on your preferences you’re helping to make the engine learn and continuously suggestion new products to others and vice versa.   We’ll also provide everyone with the tools to inform others what’s working on the lake in real time. If other users purchase the products you recommend, you’ll get account credit for it.  More to come on this! 

How Does Hot Bait Work?

We’ll be releasing hot bait shortly.  In addition to a fishing report our experts and community can provide a specific lure that is working right now.  This is essentially a scaled back version of a expert pick Lists. Users that follow a lake can report a bait or technique that is working most recently.  If others see the recommendation and buy the product, the angler that made the recommendation will get a cut of the sale. 

How Do Lake Activations Work?

We’re working to spin up as many lakes as possible with attribute details like average water clarity, species present, and short descriptions.  Once we’ve activated a lake, you’ll see a reduced set of preference options. Without activations you can still use the sorting functions by picking your preferences by all options in the system.  

We currently have about 150,000 lakes in the system and about 5,000 of them activated with most of these in the mid-west and great lake states.  We’ve received over 400 activation requests in the first week of release that feature. We were excited to see this and will be rolling them in as soon as possible.   

What is your Shipping Policy?

Shipping – We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 but don’t have a minimum order size for Premium Members.  We ship all orders by priority ground and offer upgrades to 2 day and overnight for a fee. If you live within the Speed-Dee delivery zone you’ll receive 2-day shipping at no extra charge.  Some limitations including our tube charge.

We offer $5 flat rate shipping on all orders in the lower 48 US States for orders less than $50.

Free shipping with no minimums for Premium members:

The Omnia Premium Membership was designed to provide you with ease of access to fishing gear by getting the right products shipped when you need them.  It was also designed to reward your tackle purchasing habit. We’re like the opposite of your spouse! Have a little space in your garage? We think a new rod and reel would look wonderful in it!   We at Omnia buy a lot of fishing gear as well and always wanted a program that paid us back for our obsessions because we’re just going to buy more next year. No judging here

Is there a tube charge for fishing rods?

The mail isn’t designed to ship a lot of long skinny things so their pricing isn’t great when we throw your rod in the mail.  Here’s the good news: Many of our competitors don’t support rewards or discounts on rods for this reason and exempt rods from their free shipping programs and you’re responsible for the cost.  We add a flat $10 tube charge to the purchase. If it costs more than that (which it normally does) we’ll eat that to simplify the costs. If we can fit more than one rod in a tube, we will and we’ll still only charge you for the 1 tube charge.  Since our mission is to get you the right gear as quickly and easily as possible we’ll do our best to reduce costs to you and ourselves.

Does Omnia ship the product I Order or do you rely on a third party?

We ship almost everything we sell out of our warehouse facility near Minneapolis, Minnesota.   We’re working to expand into additional warehouses and work with third parties to help us expand our product offerings.  Certain marine products currently available or available in the future might be shipped through a third party. It was important for us to ship everything direct so we could bring you the shopping experience we think you deserve. 

Why Doesn’t Omnia Stock more Products?

We feel like too many products is part of the problem we’re trying to fix but we are adding products almost daily.  We’re also stocking based on our geographic expansion plans. If you don’t see a product that you think we should stock, please contact us at and provide some details on why the product has been useful for you in the past.  We’re open to ideas!

How is my data used?

We recommend that you visit our Privacy Policy for more details about how we use your data.  We aren’t in the business of sharing fishing spots.  That’s not our model. We do however allow our community to help influence purchasing decisions in real time.  But, we’ll never indicate that an angler just bought a specific bait, unless you want us to. However, if more than one person is buying a specific product or rejecting our recommendations for a water body the trend may help us improve the suggestions.  If one person buys something it’s not that interesting, but if multiple people buy it there’s something going on and we’ll attempt to help others buy on the trend. It also takes many users to influence a trend, so it probably means that it isn’t a secret.  So, your data could improve the tackle sorting engine, but fishing is more that just gear. You can have all the right gear and spots and still not catch as much as someone standing next to you. There’s a lot that goes into fishing success. We’ll stay focused on the gear.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we do!  Contact us at if you’d like to apply.  We work hard to make sure our sorting engine and lists are always providing relevant content on the lake pages.  We offer our partners the ability to make money on successful sales when they click the links for products they describe or demonstrate.  We also create a unique ambassador page for you. We’ve created a new way to allow people in the fishing industry to monetize their passion.  We hope this will encourage more people to create great explanatory videos and other content that will be useful to our members on their own sites. If it’s useful and reviews a new reel or turns you onto a cool new piece of tackle or technique and you buy that product they can make a little money for their efforts.  Hopefully everyone wins. 

Contact us at if you’d like details about participating in our affiliate program.

Do You Have an Omnia Ambassador Program or Provide Sponsorships?

Ambassadors are expected to be advocates for their waters and the communities that fish them.  Ambassadors are the thought leaders and respected members of their local communities.  They introduce others to fishing, are tournament coordinators, or are visible as someone that cares about and represents our sport.   They should be active in hot baits, engaging local community and organizations to favorite their lakes, and building and sharing lists and product reviews outside of the Omnia platform using affiliate codes.

As an ambassador you’ll be able to help influence additions to Omnia product stocking specific to your lakes.  You’ll also receive the following:

-A sitewide discount on all products we stock; 

-An ambassador page where you can build favorite products and list for products by lake; and 

-Access to our affiliate program where you get paid on successful recommendation of products.   

The more you get the word out and sell products the more money you can make.  Omnia is the first platform that allows you to earn money for your knowledge on tackle, techniques, and lakes.

Can I select more than one lake in my profile?

Absolutely.  We encourage it.  The Omnia system is designed to create a curated list of product that are relevant to the lakes and rivers you fish.   The water body attributes like clarity and min and max depth. Depending on the number of water bodies you fish, the range of products you’ll need could change.  After purchasing or indicating you own products from multiple waterbodies you’ll be able to sort them in your dashboard by a single waterbody. This will help with organization and preparation as you’re planning your next trip.  Overtime we’ll be able to offer tools that let you check to see how prepared you’ll be for a new lake.  

Where is Omnia Fishing Located?

Omnia Fishing is currently located near downtown Minneapolis in Golden Valley, Minnesota USA. Our operations, offices, retail store, and warehouse are all under the same roof.   

How can I contact Omnia Fishing?

You can contact us by phone at (763) 710-5581.  

If you don’t hear from us immediately, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  You can also email us at and we’ll respond as soon as we can.   We can also communicate like the old days by sending a letter to our address:

Omnia Fishing
6150 Olson Memorial Hwy
Golden Valley, MN 55422

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving your order if the item[s] are returned in the original condition with tags.  Anything returned after 30 days of receipt will not be eligible for refund or store credit.

A refund will be issued once we receive returned items.  Any items that are damaged when we receive them are not eligible for refund.  For our full refund policy please visit

Is Omnia Fishing Just an Online Retailer?

Actually no.  We have a retail store next to our warehouse where we stock most of the products you can find online.  Everything you find online can be shopped in-person in our store. We’d love to meet you, help you set up your account and recommended products, or just let you grab a couple last minute items on your way to the lake.  If you’re a premium member we’ll make sure you get credit for the purchases to help build your rebate. Our store is located at 6148 Olson Memorial Hwy, Golden Valley, MN. We host seminars and group meetings and occasionally Seth Feider stops by to steal a bunch of stuff…and help a couple lucky customers pick products.

What Is Coming in future of the Omnia Fishing Platform?

Lake specific shopping like it should be in the fishing industry.  What’s even better is that many waterbodies across regions share attributes like clarity, species, depth, and weed type.  A technique that work on one in Minnesota might work on a lake in Michigan with the same attributes. A bait manufacturer in Minnesota might not have the sales channel in Michigan and vice versa. An angler in one state may never hear about an innovative trend.  We can make those connections and redefine what it means to shop local in fishing. We’ll be announcing new features shortly like Hot Bait that allow community members to collaborate on baits that are working in real time. Anyone that helps recommend key products will get credit when others make purchases.  We’ll also continue to innovate towards our mission of better shopping for tackle online.

Each season as new products are introduced into the market, we’ll stock them and let you know if they fit your profile and preferences. 

In addition, we’re adding brands and products almost every day.  Contact if you’re not seeing something you use that works! We’re open to suggestions.