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The Omnia Ambassador Program

Get Paid to Help Anglers Shop

The Omnia Ambassador Program is a revolutionary way to help others find the right tackle for the lakes they fish and discover brands and new products that work. Omnia Ambassadors can submit fishing reports to highlight the products that catch fish in different seasonal patterns. And to reward the most effective reports, you can earn credit for successfully helping anglers get the right gear while representing your favorite brands. Omnia Bronze and Silver Ambassadors can earn $5 per converted fishing report and Gold Ambassadors can earn $10.*

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  1. Submit Fishing Reports
  2. $5 credit for each report conversion*
  3. Omnia Sitewide Discount
  4. How do I get to Silver?
  5. Submit 5 quality fishing reports


  1. Public Ambassador Profile
  2. $5 credit for each report conversion*
  3. Free Omnia Hat
  4. 50% Off Omnia Premium Membership
  5. How do I get to Gold?
  6. Submit 15 quality fishing reports over 3 months


  1. Featured Ambassador Profile
  2. $10 credit for each report conversion*
  3. Submit Fishing Reports with Video
  4. Free Omnia Shirt
  5. How do I get to Blue?
  6. Commitment to sales and content


  1. Partner Page on Bass Utopia
  2. Affiliate Cash Payments
  3. Index your content on Omnia Platform
  4. Free Bass Utopia Sweatshirt

Questions? Email us at

As part of the Omnia Ambassador Program, you may have access to discounts and affiliate credit opportunities in accordance with your level of ambassadorship. Omnia ambassador levels to be determined in the sole discretion of Omnia Fishing, Inc. Program terms subject to change. As an Omnia Ambassador you agree to use the Omnia platform to help build content and fishing reports, test new features of our platform and provide feedback upon request, promote the brands and products you trust, and make sure other anglers head to the water more prepared, all for the advancement of the sport of fishing.

*Credit will be earned on successful report conversion when a purchase is made in a cart totaling at least $50 and items added to cart after no more than a single click away from a fishing report. For example, a successful conversion would be attributed to your fishing report if a customer first clicks your fishing report and then adds an item to their cart from that lake page or a single click away from the lake page such as a direct click into a product detail page that is then added to a cart. The last report clicked before adding to a cart will receive credit for a successful conversion and only one fishing report will receive credit for each cart. An ambassador cannot earn a credit by making a purchase on a fishing report filed by the same ambassador.