Omnia Fishing

The Omnia Ambassador Program

The Omnia Ambassador Program is a revolutionary way to help others find the right tackle for the lakes they want to fish and discover new products and brands that work. Omnia Ambassadors can submit fishing reports and highlight the best brands that catch fish in different seasonal patterns. Each tier in the Omnia Ambassador Program provides more tools and benefits and can even allow you to get paid for successfully helping someone purchase the right tackle and gear on lakes you’ve already fished.

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  1. Submit Basic Fishing Reports
  2. Exclusive Omnia Discount
  3. How do I get to Silver?
  4. Submit 5 high-quality fishing reports


  1. Public Profile Page
  2. Submit Fishing Reports With Photo
  3. Free Omnia Hat
  4. Exclusive Ambassador Deals
  5. 50% Off Omnia Premium Membership
  6. How do I get to Gold?
  7. Submit 5 fishing reports per month for 3 months


  1. Featured Profile Page
  2. Submit Fishing Reports with Photo & Video
  3. Exclusive Omnia Shirt
  4. Earn credit from your recommendations & content
  5. How do I get to Blue?
  6. Successfully influence sales and demonstrate commitment to content and education


  1. Additional Influencer Partner Page on Bass Utopia
  2. Create content to be shown at a national scale on the Omnia Fishing Platform
  3. Exclusive Bass Utopia Sweatshirt
  4. Earn cash from your recommendations & content

Questions? Email us at