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Plano Edge vs Bass Mafia: Comparing Top Tackle Storage Brands

Thinking about upgrading or adding to your tackle storage solutions?  Consider the strength and features of the innovative Plano Edge Series and Bass Mafia Tackleboxes.

The Plano Edge Series is a rapidly growing line of products from the well known brand of Plano.  The Edge series is easily recognizable by its yellow inserts, appealing gray exterior and clear lids. Plano Edge is a high-end tackle storage concept that was developed out of the Plano Molding Company, headquartered in Plano, Illinois. Instead of creating a single shape and design for tackle storage, Plano Edge focuses on providing unique solutions for many types of baits and bait categories with unique designs and forms. As an example, a common complaint among anglers is the tangled mess a bunch of treble hooks can make when those sharp little hooks that dangle off your crankbaits aren’t each stored in a unique, divided section of a normal 3600 box.  In order to maximize space and keep treble hooks apart, Plano developed, as part of the Edge Series, a jerkbait or crankbait box that has many thin columns that support a wide range of hard baits and keeps them suspended and separate from each other. The Plano Edge Series is a great solution for the angler that has made a big investment in a wide range of tackle and gear for all types of techniques and conditions and is willing to spend additional sums to protect those items.

The Bass Mafia is a legacy competitor to the Plano Edge Series of tackle storage. Many anglers recognize the Bass Mafia brand based on its consistent use of red and black colors and the brass knuckles logo. Bass Mafia products are very popular among very experienced anglers as they were a first mover in designing boxes to meet unique needs of organizing different categories of tackle and gear. Bass Mafia is located in Russellville, Arkansas, a great place for a bass brand to access its customer base. Bass Mafia branded tackle storage has a smaller number of unique products when compared to the Plano Edge series but they provide best in class tackle storage for terminal tackle with their Terminal Coffin product line.

Omnia fishing carries a wide range of Bass Mafia and Plano Edge products with 25 Plano Edge items in stock and only 19 Bass Mafia products.  Plano Edge has the widest innovative selection of non-terminal storage solutions but Bass Mafia extends into useful and waterproof non-tackle storage like phone and other electronic cases.

What Are the Top Features of The Plano Edge Line?

Plano Edge was built with purpose and to be the most versatile line of tackle and gear storage solutions on the market. The top features of the Plano Edge line up include:

  • Rust prevention technology - No one provides a better way to protect your tackle than the rust proof and moisture wicking technology included in every Edge Product.  When a bait gets put away wet the moisture will be wicked away to prevent and reduce rust.
  • Category Specificity - Almost every Edge box was designed to fit specific baits and bait types. For example, Plano Edge makes boxes specifically for each category of bait including spinnerbait boxes, terminal boxes, jig boxes, and a wide range of different sizes crankbait boxes. There’s even a frog box!
  • Clear Top - The Edge series uses a clear top to help angler see all of the baits inside while the box is closed. This is key for anglers who change baits while in the boat and are looking for a specific bait.  
  • One handed latch opening - All of the Plano Edge boxes include a latch that can be opened and closed with one hand while you’re holding a rod or your line.
  • Versatile Flex Model - Each box was designed with a specific category in mind but the Edge line also includes a flex model that allows for total customization in a single box with all the benefits of Edge.
  • Waterproof seals - In addition to the moisture wicking, the Edge boxes all have water proof seals so no water gets in during those wet days on the lake or river.

Having such a wide range of boxes created for each category of tackle is both a massive pro and a small con in our opinion. It makes protecting and organizing your tackle easier than ever but the boxes take up a lot of space (which is hard to justify if they’re not full) and you’ll spend a fortune buying all the different models.  Plano makes a flex box at the lower price point that allows you to change the sizes of the compartments to meet your unique needs without purchasing every box for every type of bait. Prices of the Edge line up range from about $19 to just under $60 per box.  At $19 you’ll still get most of the benefits of the Edge line (moisture wicking, waterproofing, etc) but it will look like a more traditional tackle box. 

What Are the Top Features of The Bass Mafia Line?    

Bass Mafia makes a trusted line up of products that also have unique use cases for specific categories of products. They’ve recently begun working with partners to expand the line up for segments of the fishing population and their unique needs. Here’s a list of features that make Bass Mafia a great set of tackle storage solutions:

  • Extremely durable material - As the center of the Bass Mafia lineup feature set is durability. These boxes were designed with top plastics and shapes to offer the highest crack resistance on the market.
  • Waterproof seals - Like the Plano Edge Series, the Bass mafia line up also includes full waterproofing in its designs.  While it lacks moisture wicking for any water that gets in from bait use or an open lid, no water is getting in while stored in your boat, backpack, or on your boat deck.
  • Non-Clear Tops and Privacy - We mentioned that Bass Mafia branded products are used by some of the most elite anglers on the water. While Plano Edge’s clear tops make it easy to find a bait you’re looking for without opening the top, the solid color boxes keep baits out of a potential competitor’s view. Privacy is a top priority in fishing for some and Bass Mafia was built to appeal to those types of customers. The Bait Coffin does come in both the clear view and the dark gray versions.
  • Sun Protection - This is somewhat related to the last bullet but eliminating the clear lid can potentially protect your baits from the sun. It’s really up to the customer to decide if they’d prefer the clear view from Plano Edge or the prospect of privacy and bait color protection from shielding prying eyes and the sun’s bleaching rays.
  • Double latch system - All Bass Mafia boxes use a double latching system to keep the boxes closed.  This can make the boxes harder to open with one hand available but it’s also likely to provide better assurances that they won’t open easy and dump your prized baits on the deck or garage floor.

A Functional Comparison of the Terminal Tackle Solutions from Bass Mafia and Plano Edge

The lines of Plano Edge and Bass Mafia are similar but diverge pretty quickly as the Edge line up extends into specific categories of storage with products like the 3700 Spinnerbait Box, the Hook Box, the Frog Box, Edge V Jig Spy 3700, and the Line Management 3700 XL Boxes.  One category of storage that is directly competitive is the Plano Edge 3700 Terminal Box and the Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin. 

After countless hours of research and development, Plano Edge released the EDGE 3700 Terminal Box that takes customizable organization one step further with special enhancements for small items like terminal tackle hooks, weights, pegs, swivels, and snaps. The 3700 Series size box features lift-out compartments for accessible organization, plus three boxes specifically for weights. The individual containers include high-density foam that eliminates rattling. The lift-out-boxes can be customized to unique terminal tackle preferences. The 3700 Terminal Box retails for $54.99 and additional containers can be purchased to increase customization inside. 

The Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin comes in a 3600 clearview version and the opaque, gray model. The majority of the box is designed with different types of hook and weight inserts to keep terminal hooks and weights apart to eliminate chipping and rattling around. The custom molds support weights from 1/8th oz to 2 ounces, preventing tackle from getting rearranged while bouncing around in your boat compartment. The molds include six modular storage units to allow anglers to mix-and-match Hook Coffins and Weight Coffins (the base model includes three of each) to suit their individual needs. This is best-in-class protection! The base Terminal Coffin retails for $54.99 and additional Hook and Weight Coffins can be purchased separately.

Plano Edge offers a massive line of tackle storage solutions for the advanced angler to take organization as far as they’d like. Bass Mafia has one of the best known brands for high end and specialized tackle storage. While they might not help you catch fish directly, having sharp hooks and an organized experience on the water each time might.  You can’t go wrong with investing in protecting your tackle and gear investments.