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Staff Picks Sale

We at Omnia Fishing love tackle and we know you do too! That’s why we are putting a ton of our favorite spring time products on sale! The Omnia crew is filled with certified fish heads and we asked them what they are using right now… from their favorite baits to the line they have spooled on their reels.

Some of our favorite highlights include 25% off Jack Hammers, discounts on line including Seaguar and Sunline, and deals on many of our favorite soft plastics.

ZMan Jack Hammer Sale

Selected By Pete

"My favorite thing about the Jack Hammer is they have no season - Cold or warm water they are effective. The Jack Hammer in particular is the best chatterbait for multiple retrieves. You can reel it fast or slow, but most importantly the blade contacts the head immediately upon turning your reel handle. All other chatterbaits take some forward momentum to achieve the blade movement." -Pete

Worm Sale

Selected By Kipp

"In the summer, when the bite is tough, the drop shot can be a very effective technique. Here in Minnesota, most of our waterbodies are full of vegetation so a weedless presentation is going to be the best choice. This allows me to fish the edges of weedlines efficiently without getting snagged as often as you would with an exposed hook. My confidence bait for this style of fishing has been a 6” Roboworm Straight Tail Worm paired with a 3/0 Owner Cover Shot Worm Hook. I am usually going to be throwing a natural color like Aaron’s Magic, but I always have a bright color like Morning Dawn ready to go as well." -Kipp

Roboworm 6'' Straight Tail Worm


$4.79Product Details
Berkley PowerBait Power Worm


Black Blue Fleck
Black Grape
Blue Fleck
Blue Fleck Firetail
Electric Grape
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin & Chartreuse
June Bug
Midnight Fire
Motor Oil
Motor Oil Red Fleck
Red Shad
Red Shad Green Glitter
Tequila Sunrise
Watermelon Red Glitter


7"8 1/2"10"12"

$4.49 – 5.24

$5.99Product Details

Creature Baits Sale

Selected By Jacob

"My favorite creature baits are the Strike King Rage Bug and the Missile Baits Dbomb. Both baits are versatile enough to Texas Rig or cut down for a jig trailer. The colors I use the most are SuperBug (Dbomb) and Blue Craw (Rage Bug)!" -Jacob

Strike King Rage Bug


Bama Craw
Bama Bug
Blue Craw
Black Blue Flake
Black Blue Swirl
California Craw
Falcon Lake Craw
Fire Craw
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Purple Swirl
Moon Juice
Okeechobee Craw
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Summer Craw
Watermelon Red Flake




$5.99Product Details
Missile Baits D Bomb


Ballistic Bruiser
Bayou Flash
Black Neon
Black Red Flake
Bruised Plum
Bruiser Flash
California Love
Candy Bomb
Candy Grass
Copper Chopper
Desert Storm
Dill Pickle
El Diablo
Hillbilly Magic
Golden Amber
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Blue
Green Pumpkin Flash
Green Pumpkin Red
Pink Belly
Straight Black
Super Bug
Super Craw
Toxic Grape
Watermelon Red




$4.69Product Details

Line Sale

Selected By Nick

"Line selection is quite critical when targeting your favorite species. Personally I like to keep my rods and reels as versatile as I can. I stick with straight braid, braid to fluorocarbon leader and straight fluorocarbon. For bottom contact baits my favorite fluoro is Sunline Sniper and for moving baits I lean towards Seaguar Red Label as it is a great budget line. Being up in MN, spinning rods play a big role when I am on the water. All my spinning rods run 8-10lb braid (Sufix 832 or Berkley X9) with a 7-10lb fluoro leader (Sunline Sniper). This covers all situations from grass edges jigworming for largemouth to finesse hair in open water for smallmouths." -Nick

Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon



Spool Length:

200 Yards600 Yards1000 Yards

$20.24 – 103.49

$105.49Product Details
Sunline Super FC Sniper



Spool Length:

200 Yards660 Yards1200 Yards165 Yards

$14.99 – 104.24

$103.99Product Details
Sufix 832 Braid


Low-Vis Green
Coastal Camo
Hi-Vis Yellow
Neon Lime



Spool Length:

150 Yards300 Yards600 Yards1200 Yards

$11.99 – 82.49

$109.99Product Details