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Lake Harris Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Drop Shots in Winter (Submerged Vegetation)

Reported by Kent Mittelstaedt on Dec 7, 2019
In late winter, just before largemouth get active for pre-spawn a great technique is to finesse them with a drop shot. This works especially well in frontal conditions. Since you're dealing with potentially huge fish, you'll want a pretty heavy finesse set up. I like 10lb braided seaguar 832 main line with a 10lb seaguar invisx leader. The owner covershot hook is perfect for this technique tipped with your favorite straight tail work, I prefer the zoom trick worm. The trick is to find thick isolated clumps of hydrilla on your side imaging and target those with accurate casts. You may loose a few because of the light set up, but you'll also get bit when nothing else will work.

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