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Sam Rayburn Reservoir Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Chatterbaits in Pre-Spawn (Submerged Vegetation / Shad)

Reported by Matt Luna on Feb 9, 2021
Was fishing in late January and was in the back of Buck Bay. There was scattered grass in the flats. The bass were positioned in the middle of the grass patches. A chatterbait would come through the grass well and get the bass to bite. The water color was fairly stained as well. We had two chatterbait fish caught in the area. Best went 3lbs. We also fished the main lake and found a rock pile on an island. Threw a carolina rig in about 40' of water and caught a 6lber. That was the best fish of the day. Overall the fishing was tough, but there was fish to be caught. I was throwing a 6th Sense Hogwalla Creature bait on the carolina rig.

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