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Order History: View By Category

We’re trying to rethink the entire online tackle shopping experience. This doesn’t just end with showing you relevant products and getting them to your door quickly. We’ve recognized that being able to see tackle you’ve purchased in the past is an important feature for reordering the items that worked. Most order history is displayed by date and grouped by each order. We do that too, but we’ve recently launched our SORT BY CATEGORY option to allow you to see all the products by category that you’ve purchased from us.

Don’t want to dig through you last 8 orders to find the specific swimbait or punching jig that caught you a PB? No problem, sort by category and check out all the jigs you’ve purchased from Omnia. We hope this new features helps you find and reorder the products you need. Just one step closer to building a platform for BETTER TACKLE SHOPPING.