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2023 Rewind: Hardbaits

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A certain kind of sonar you might have heard of dominated the industry this year, and some of us found our favorite bait that way and others stuck with their own tried and true tackle. Take a listen and find out what we picked!

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Video Transcription

2023 rewind, hardbait edition. If your favorite hard bait made it through 2023 and was still catching fish for you, it's a winner. This one was for me. 2023 was a rough year for hard baits. We saw everybody kind of jump on their front deck stare at their forward facing sonar fish. A lot of plastics. Some jerkbaits made it through the fight and we're seeing other hard baits adapt to the new way we fish with forward facing sonar. And I do think we're going to see a lot of old school techniques rise to the top as more people go offshore and just stare at their screens and get scoped neck out there. So what was your favorite hard baits from 2023? I will point out this one here. This is the Shad Rap Elite. Hey it casts further, it's got some really cool finishes to it. I think this is going to be a staple in a lot of bass anglers boats, not just the multi species anglers or the wall anglers. I should say in other anglers that I've always found Shad Raps to be a staple. This one's going to be a staple for bass fishermen, in my opinion. I had a really good time with this bait up on Vermillion this year and I did some trolling with it actually at night on a pontoon boat mission. It was absolute blast. This is a multi species killer and it's a fun bait to fish all around. So my 2023 rewind bait was a hard bait addition is the Shad Rap Elite. Let's see what the other people here at Omnia's favorite hard baits were for 2023.

Hey, everybody, Kipp here. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about a couple of hard baits that stood out for me this 2023 season. The first one, I love throwing a square bill crank bait up shallow and one that stood out for me is the 6th Sense Crush 50x. This comes with premium hardware with EWG style trebles. So if the bass are engulfing the bait, these are going to keep the fish pinned a little bit better . And of course it comes with 6th Sense awesome color palettes and it seemed to be a pretty durable bait for me too. So this was a good bait for me in 2023. And then my favorite hard bait of the year, a little bit of a sleeper here at Omnia in my opinion is the Ark Z Pop. It's got an awesome profile. It's not too big, not too small. It can work for small mouth or large mouth. It has a weight transfer system in it so you can make super far casts even with its small profile. And then my favorite part actually is the hardware. So these have, I believe, Ichikawa hooks on them. So they're pretty thin wire but super strong and super sticky. So if you're looking for a new hard bait to try out this upcoming season, check out the Ark Z Pop.

All right guys, my favorite hard bait of 2023 was the Stunna, specifically the Plus 1. I loved this color, caught a bunch of smallmouth on it and had great luck on both rivers and lakes fishing this exact bait.

What's up everybody, Joe here from Omnia and my favorite hard bait from 2023 is the Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbait. This is the classic. This is the one that every other jerk bait on the market tries to be. And this is the best jerk bait on the market. Get your hands on them, Megabass Vision 110. [Music] (upbeat music)