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Seth Feider's Must Haves for the Bassmaster Northern Swing

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Explore Seth Feider's handpicked essentials for the Bassmaster Northern Swing. From stealth fighter jigs to advanced fishing rods, get the insider's take on top gear for Champlain and St. Lawrence tournaments.

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The Stealth Fighter Jig: A Champlain Champion

For the clear waters of Champlain, Seth Feider recommends the Stealth Fighter Jig in green pumpkin shades. Ideal for flipping, this jig, paired with a Z-Man Turbo Craw, is a surefire way to target big bucketheads. Its compact design is perfect for mimicking bluegills and crawdads, ensuring both quantity and quality in your catch.

The Deep Diving Shadow Wrap: Smallmouth Specialist

When targeting smallmouth bass, the Deep Diving Shadow Wrap Jerkbait in a perch pattern is Seth's go-to choice. Its ability to cover vast areas, whether over rocks or around grass, makes it indispensable. Paired with Seth's signature series rod, this setup is key for endurance and effectiveness.

Advanced Spinning Rods: Versatility at Its Best

Seth's spinning rods, essential for both Champlain and St. Lawrence, offer unparalleled versatility. The Brent Ailer Drop Shot Rod paired with a Sir Tate high-speed reel is perfect for net rigging. Whether fishing shallow or deep, this setup, complemented by a Z-Man Hula Stick, is a proven method for catching smallmouth bass.

The Fighter Fly and Hair Jig: Shallow Water Domination

In shallower waters, the Outcast Tackle Fighter Fly and black hair jig, especially in the early season, are Seth's favorites. These are particularly effective in clear water, making them essential for both tournament locations. The 7 foot 6 inch hair jig rod enhances the ability to cast small baits further, increasing your chances with smallmouth bass.

Drop Shot Rig: The Smallmouth Bread and Butter

The standard Drop Shot Rig is Seth's reliable choice for smallmouth bass. With a Cody Meyer medium-light rod and a high-speed Surtate reel, this setup is ideal for precision and finesse. The rig, complete with a 3.75 Streakz and Shine and a VMC Finesse Nico Hook, is perfect for ensuring your bait stays intact, maximizing your time on the water.