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Beast Coast L-Metal Open Water Sniper Jig Breakdown | Joe Ponessa

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Always known for their jig design, Beast Coast made their new L-Metal Open Water Jig just as good as all their previous models. Now at Omnia and only $3.99. Check it out!

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Video Transctiption

What's up everybody, Joe from Omnia here and today we have a sweet new product from Beast Coast. Beast Coast is known for making some of the coolest jigs on the market with some of the best head designs and composition to their jigs and this is a revamp of what is perhaps their best selling jig. This is the L-Metal Compound Open Water Sniper jig. The Open Water Sniper jig is originally a tungsten style jig coming in like $ 6.99ish, $6.50 price point. This is just $3.99. This is the exact same jig but with a new metal style composition head. It's going to be basically for anglers who want to stock up on their favorite jig and maybe you know you're fishing these things around snaggy cover and open water for spotted bass and smallmouth. And sometimes these little jigs will get hung up but if you're going to be buying the L-Metal Compound version, it's not going to hurt the bank as much. You can buy a bunch of them and stock up. Same great components, two ought hook. You can put a variety of little trailers on there. I know a lot of guys on like the St. Lawrence River at the Open this summer we saw guys fishing this style of jig with like a little finesse T.R.D. little tiny bait on there, just a good goby imitator, good finesse crawfish imitator and a great smallmouth jig. Check out the Beast Coast L-Metal Compound Open Water Sniper jig. [Music] [ pause ]