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Catch More Smallmouth with Humminbird MEGA Live featuring Bob Downey

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Bassmaster Elite, Bob Downey, shows how to utilize Humminbird's MEGA Live imaging to target and catch post-spawn smallmouth bass.

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Video Transcript

You coming? Got him. That was sweet. Got a smallie on the hair jig. He's sitting around these little wood structures that the DNR put in. We shined Meg alive over there, he's sitting right above it. Threw the hair jig to him, he's not a huge one but that was really cool, he just suspended up above it. Came right up to it. Fun size little smallie, choked the hair jig. There's a lot of these little wood structures out on these flats on this lake. Little guy. Come up for the hair jig.

So you can see a Megalive, they're almost like stumps. The DNRs put them out here for smallmouth structure or fish structure. There's, was a fish kind of suspended there around them. There they are, there's a bunch of those stumps. And sometimes you can't see the smallmouth in them. They're sitting down in there. There's one right off the edge there. There's like three of them in there right now. See if they come up for this. He's coming, he's coming. Oh, he kissed it, but he didn't eat it. That was pretty cool. They'll spawn around those deals and then they'll kind of hang out around them, post spawn too on these flats. It's a really fun way to try and catch them.

You know, before we just, this clear system we're on right now we would just look for dark spots and cast over them and you can still do that and catch fish. Now we can just pinpoint our cast a little bit better onto those areas. That looks like either some grass or some bait down there I don't think those are smallmouth. There's another one right out there but I don't think there's fish and there's maybe a fish sitting on that one. Try to throw our hair jig down to it see if we can't get one to show itself. Sometimes if you can't see them if you wind your bait by those deals you'll see them swim up out of there and see one come up. You can see them on 360 too like we've got a clump here way out on 360 and then when we can shine our live over in that area and there's the stump way out there in the distance. So we'll use 360 to kind of find it first at about 80 feet and then we can shine live to it and you know hit it on the first cast versus maybe the third cast sort of deal. There's a bunch of them right on the edge here. 

There's one came up and got it. I saw him come right up off the bottom. That was cool. Another little hair jig fish. They're just roaming all over this flat right now. He's not a big one. He's feisty though. There you go. A little post spawn smallie. Feeding up. You can tell he's beat up just a little bit there. He's getting healthy. Early summer time fish. You can see there's a good look at what we got on 360 out in front and then you can point your live right at that and get a real good look at those trees sticking up. There's a fish sitting next to that one in the middle, just went down to the bottom it looked like. So we'll kind of roll our hair over the top of this deal. I can see them right on the side there. See if one comes up out of there. Nothing. There's some rock along the edge there too. Oh, there's one sitting up high. There he came and got it. That was awesome. (laughs) (water splashing) The slow rolling a hair jig over the top of, we're in 10, 12 feet right now. Something you normally wouldn't do with a hair jig and these fish are coming up and getting it out of these little trees here. Spicy little guys. onsides though. Meg alive putting some fish in the boat. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)