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Omnia PRO: Creating Waypoints with Bob Downey

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Join Elite Series angler Bob Downey as he explores the powerful new waypoint features in the Omnia PRO app. Discover how to efficiently mark and manage fishing spots using detailed Navionics contours, color-coded icons, and the new auto waypoint button. Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler or a casual fisherman, these updates will enhance your fishing experience and help you make the most of your time on the water.

Hey everyone Bob Downey here. I want to talk to you a little bit about some of the new updates with the Pro app through Omnia. There's some really cool Waypoint features. Before I go and compete on the Elite Series, I do a lot of map study right. Try and get an idea of where I want to focus throughout practice period as well as a tournament. And I'll sit on my phone. You know, we've got really good Navionics Contours now. Highly detailed, shows me offshore structure, shallow flat, shallow bays, that sort of deal. And I'll sit and I'll mark Way points of areas that I want to, you know, try out during practice. And it at least gets me going in the right direction to have somewhat of a systematic practice approach. And then every evening after each practice day, I'll go and mark additional Waypoints for what I found that day. You know, whether it's, okay, I found a shallow four to six foot stump flat that had some fish on day one of practice. I'm going to go into the app after that day and explore other flats on the lake that I can then go and check on day two of practice. So it makes my practice period super efficient to be able to drop Waypoints. You know, you can drop them with different colors, different icons now, which is really cool. And you can filter them in many different ways as well. We also have an auto Waypoints button that lives right on the app now after the recent update. It's going to live right there, makes it super easy to mark a waypoint on your current location. So let's say I'm out on, you know, a day to a practice. And I'm kind of breaking down the lake, discovering a pattern that I like. I can mark a waypoint very easily. I'll end down the lake just one tap of the button that marks right where I'm at. And it will jog my memory so that when I go back and do some map study that night, I can be like, okay, yep, that's where I was at. This is what the contours look like. And it allows me to then go and put other Waypoints throughout the lake of areas I might want to discover or explore on day three of practice, for example. So, you know , whether it's me preparing for an elite series tournament and helping break my practice and tournament periods down more efficiently. Or if you're someone that doesn't even have a GPS map or chart plot or on your boat, you can use this app in lieu of that. And the ability to mark way points easily is super key to be a more efficient with your days on the water, whether you're a hardcore tournament bass guy, or you're someone that gets out a couple times a year, and you want to mark your favorite spot on your home lake that you frequent, you know, once or twice a year. Let's say in northern Wisconsin, for example. So super cool features with the new Waypoints and the layering as well as the auto Waypoint button that is super intuitive and easy to use to mark your current spot out on the lake. This is something that everybody can use no matter the level you're at.