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Cashion Element Rods | Joe Ponessa

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Cashion's Element series is perfect for anyone starting out their fishing game or any experienced angler looking to fill up their rod locker with another awesome rod.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, Joe from Omnia here, and we are looking at today the Cashion Elements series rods. These are made in their Sanford, North Carolina facility. It's gonna have an American made blank, American made components. It's gonna have a nice cork handle here. So one thing that a lot of Cashion Rod lovers have seen is that carbon fiber style handle. It's very high tech, kind of a new age style grip. But this is going back to like an original cork style handle with an EVA butt down here. A great rod. I really think that these at that $129 price point, these are kind of hitting above their mark here.

These are great rods for anglers who want something that's gonna be maybe it's your first rod that you're getting into the bass fishing world. Or maybe you're an experienced angler and you're looking to kind of expand your arsenal and try out a really nice American made rod. These have microwave guides on them on the casting rods. What that's gonna do it's gonna give you greater control and accuracy. So for example here I think this is the multi-purpose rod. So just a great all-around rod. If you're pitching and skipping under docks or under trees or if you're even at great distances offshore throwing a football jig and get good control you can line up your cast perfectly with your Mega360, your forward-facing sonar and get that bait right where it needs to be. Make sure you check out the Cashion Element series. [Music]