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Cashion ICON John Crews Big Bait Rod Breakdown | Joe Ponessa

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A rod with a singular purpose but easily able to throw multiple techniques makes it a perfect rod to not break the bank on buying multiple rods. Try out the John Crews Big Bait rod!

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Video Transcription

What's up everyone, Joe from Omnia here and we have a sweet tackle breakdown on the brand new John Crews icon series Big Bait Rod from Cashion. And so this is going to be your one go to rod that can handle all those bigger bait applications. Everything from super deep big crank baits like a 10XD to things like a Meagbass Magdraft and the eight and ten inch sizes. Or umbrella rigs even in glide baits. It's going to handle that full gamut of larger bait rod application so you don 't need to stock up on an umbrella rig rod, a glide bait rod, a big swim bait rod. This thing can do it all. Like all other Cashion rods, they're made in their North Carolina facility. It's going to be have that sweet Icon blank that's everyone knows and loves from Cashion and they're going to have these micro wave guides. So what this is, it's not a true micro guide, but with that smaller insert there, you're going to have better casting performance, control and accuracy, which is one thing that anglers are starting to do, you're throwing glide baits around cover, around laydowns, docks, etc. You're going to be able to make really precision casts, like a nice little roll cast, not too far from the boat and put that bait right where it needs to be. So fish could come out and grab it. Make sure you check out the John Crews icon series Big Bait Rod if you're looking for one large bait rod that can do it all. [Music]