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Daiwa Tatula Elite Seth Feider Light Topwater/Jerkbait Rod

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Pete has the details on exactly how a rod bends when it's loaded up with a fish. Here he's testing Seth Feider's (6'9" / Medium-Light / Regular) Light Topwater/Jerkbait rod in the Daiwa Tatula Elite family.

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Video Transcription

Here's one right here from our buddy Seth Feider. This is his Tatula Elite, the 2023 version jerkbait rod. So this Seth Feider 6'9 medium-light, regular bend to Tatula Elite. Regular meaning moderate. So this is going to have a lot of uh, or it's going to have a very forgiving action, a lot of bend to this rod. He did that specifically for baits with light wire treble hooks on them. So if you're fishing any of the high end jerkbaits out there from Rapala and Megabass and everything, you know how light wire all those new hooks are and especially in cold water with hard miles and fish kind of getting them in the hard parts of their mouth, those hooks because they're lethargically biting at those baits. This rod was designed to land those fish at a high, high rate. It also makes it extremely easy to work the bait because it's so lightweight and there's no resistance on the rod. You might not get your bait as deep as desired, but you can run lighter line on here to make up for that because the rod is so forgiving. So you could get away with jerkbait fishing with eight pound tests. Even I've seen heard of people fishing as low as six pound tests with this rod using BFS style reels because this rod is so forgiving on the bend and it is so lightweight in power.

So like I said, it's a medium light Seth Feider Tatula Elite rod in fast or sorry moderate action or regular bend. So moving baits treble hooks, light power, jerkbait fishing, even small topwaters as well. Oof. Yeah, this sucker bends. But just like a lot of the other graphite moderate action rods, the tips not getting pulled down on me. It 's kind of holding its ground and the rest of the rods bending. So that would help it be a better, I guess, rod for imparting action on your hook on your baits. But still having that really soft super soft backbone to fight the fish on. I'll do a hook set from down low . As you see there, it's definitely got a really, really moderate action to it. Really soft power rod. Perfect for light wire treble hooks. [Music]