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Early Black Friday 2023 Staff Picks

Nov 8, 2023

What to do when the deals are great? Stock up! Here's what we're stocking up on during our early Black Friday sale.

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Video Transcription

Luke Loewe

What's up everyone? Luke Loewe here at Omnia Fishing. It's Black Friday. We got a huge sitewide sale going on. And these are a few of the baits that I'm gonna be stocking up on for next season. We got the Z-Man Scented Jerk ShadZ, and we got the Berkley MaxScent Flat Worm. I'm a huge smallmouth fisherman. I love catching them on baits where I can see them eat it. So I use my forward-facing sonar, Garmin LiveScope, to see the fish and then throw baits down to them. I like throwing a drop shot to cast at fish and then fish them on the bottom. And then when I'm hanging a bait, I really like the Scented Jerk ShadZ, especially right below the boat to get those smallmouth to eat.

T Lo

What's going on everybody? T Lo here. My two picks are the Keitech Swing Impact Fats. I personally love throwing a swim bait, whether it's a line-through or even on a jig head. You can make long casts with it. You cover a lot of water with it. Or you can even use it on your forward-facing sonar if you choose. But Keitech Swing Impact Fats are gonna be pretty high on my list of stocking up on right now.

Andrew Olson

Hey, Andrew here. During the site wide sale this week, 20% off site wide. One thing I'm gonna stock up on is the Yamatanuki from Yamamoto Baits. Just came out this year, started using it. Great for flipping around. Put a five-ought hook on there, catch some bass.

Joe Ponessa

I got something here that I'm gonna stock up on while everything's cheap on the site. This is the Spunk Shad from Hog Farmer. This is my favorite bladed jig trailer. It's gonna give the best action for your bladed jigs any time of the year.

Brad Novak

When big site wide sales come through, I am stocking up on these, the Keitech Fat Swing Impacts in multiple sizes. I like the bigger ones for largemouth bass. You can straight Texas rig these, put these on the back of a chatterbait. And then I like the smaller sizes to put on a jig head for smallmouth.

Kipp Youngquist

With the site wide sale going on right now, make sure you stock up on the Strike King Rage Craws. They're an awesome versatile bait. You can throw it on the back of a jig. You can Texas rig it. You can fish it pretty much all year long. (upbeat music)