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Discover the Evergreen International 12-Inch Bow Worm Noodle

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Check out the Evergreen International 12-Inch Bow Worm Noodle, a unique and versatile bait perfect for various rigging techniques like drop shot, wacky rig, Neko rig, and Carolina rig. This 12-inch, super-thin worm offers an intriguing profile to attract bass, available in colors like green pumpkin and natural eel. Ideal for anglers seeking something different to enhance their fishing game.

Video Transcript:

What's up everybody? We've got an interesting just landed for you today. This is the Evergreen International 12-inch Bow worm Noodle. This is definitely an interesting bait. It's 12 inches long and super thin So it doesn't actually feel like that intrusive of a profile They're saying you can throw this on a drop shot. You can wacky rig it weight less But I wouldn't be scared to throw it on a Neko rig even maybe dragging it behind a Carolina rig I could see that working. So if you're looking for something different to show the bass in your lake Definitely try out this this worm from Evergreen. It's in a couple really good colors We've got your standard green pumpkin over here and then this one's called natural eel I like this one's got a little bit of white on the bottom But check it out the Evergreen International 12 inch bow worm noodle.