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G. Loomis GLX 7'1" Heavy Fast | Polish Pete

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Polish Pete showcases the brand new G. Loomis GLX in the 7'1" Heavy Fast Action.

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Video Transcript

854C in the brand new redesigned G-Loomis GLX rods for 2024. These are absolutely gorgeous in person. I've said it about every model so far I picked up. Cork feels incredible on these. The CI4 real seats. Very similar to the ones on the N-R-X Plus's and they feel fantastic. These rods so far have felt like a home run. I have not fished with them, which is a crying shame, but I hope to change that here soon. This particular model here in the 854C is a 7-1 fast heavy. Fast action heavy power 7-1. You get out of those flat round number 7 footers, 7 1/2 footers and you know you get that split grip here. So this is their jig and worm series. They feel a touch lighter than the magb asses. I don't know if that has to do with anything blank makeup. They don't indicate anything there. Obviously there's just a difference in rear grip there with a full cork. I like full cork, but these feel pretty special themselves. If you're a split gripper youll really like the way these ones feel. SIC guides from Fuji on here as well. So you've got some high-end guide train on here. You hope so with the hefty price point these ones are coming in at. Let's go bend the 854C, the jig and worm rod and the GLX family. 854C in the GLX family. We weighed this sucker. Came in at 3.7 ounces. That's pretty sweet for an over 7 foot rod. That's a heavy power. Let's see how this thing's action is. And yeah, I would call it a fast action. So this is much faster than the previous magbass rod I was bending. Definitely seems like it's a more extreme action. It's not extra fast. It is fast. It's true to form. But it feels a lot faster because the other rods I was bending were almost like a fast moderate. Really impressive action on this one here. This rod feels very well made. It feels like the extra attention was paid to it. It's one of those one type feeling rods that you hear people talk about rod nerds and say like this is a really special rod like you got to have. I will say so far out of picking up all the rods. Even though I'm a magbass fan with that full rear grip, this thing feels insanely special. I can't pin this rod down to what it's for. It just feels like a rod that you want to put in your rod locker and make excuses to throw a whole bunch of different baits on. If you were to straight floor this rod, you could do just about anything you wanted to do with it. Very impressive rod from G. Loomis here. The GLX the 854. So this is the heavy power fast action 7.1. Go check this one out. Trust me. [Music] (mellow music)