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What Graph Should You Pair with Garmin Livescope?

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The Bassmaster Elites are showing us that Garmin Livescope is the real deal, but that's just the transducer. What's the best option to display all that forward-facing sonar? We have you covered with the GPSMAP Series.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? We have a quick hit here on what we think are some of the best head units to run Garmin LiveScope. We've seen it all last year. It's going to be happening all this year and no one will shut up about it. We're going to talk about it till it's gone. Forward-facing sonar's here to stay as the biggest player right now to catch the biggest fish and be the most efficient when you're on the water to make every cast count. Here we have in our opinion some of the best head units. This is the GPSMAP series from Garmin. We have down here on the left on my left, your right. This is the Garmin GPSMAP. These are the 1022 and the 1222. These are going to be your non-touchscreen Garmin units.

So let me explain why some people might want to consider a non-touchscreen for your LiveScope. So a couple reasons. First off, the plain and simple obvious one is you won't have any finger smudges on your screen. It's going to result in less issues to see your screen on the water---you'll see everything better. One thing I found that's really key on a lot of the touch screen units when you go to use the menu buttons on the touch screen to increase your range, your gain, your depth. When you pull up that sub-menu you're actually losing screen size. Every time you do that on the screen but with a non-touch unit you have all these buttons on the side of the unit that are going to be able to control everything. The dial on the top will help you with your range, your gain, your depth. And you'll never be losing that screen size of a sub-menu popping up like you might have on the ECHOMAP series. These are going to have a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution. Same resolution as you get in the ECHOMAP Ultra series. And one benefit though to these, in my opinion, it's a little cheaper than running an ECHOMAP. So if you're looking if you're more on a budget, it's a great option for you. It's not a touch screen. It's a more classic dial control. You'll be able to maximize your screen usage every time on the water. Another key feature, they are just a fraction lighter in weight. So if weight is a concern for you, these are a good pick too.

Then moving away from the 1022 and 1222 for anglers who want the best of the best, the 8600 series is going to be what you want. This is going to have the highest pixel resolution 1920 by 1080. That super high pixel density is going to give you the best clear picture possible when using your livescope. This is a key feature. It also has a non-glare screen. So when you're up there and you're looking down at your graph all day and that sun gets at a weird angle or if you're moving your boat around chasing fish, that screen won't ever have glare issues. You're going to see everything perfectly. This is in our opinion and many people's opinion, the best of the best for running garment livescope.

But if you want even more, if you want even better, make sure you check out the NBT Marine screens we have on the site. Our buddy Seth Feider's running one this year. You'll see on the Elite series and on the Major League Fishing side of things or Bass Pro Tour, I should say. Many anglers are moving to this NBT style screen. It's a much larger screen, either 16 or 22 inches for the best resolution, the best picture possible. We sold out quick on those things. Make sure you get your notifications in for when they come back in stock.

And again, these are what we consider the best options for more of a bang for your buck. Best picture option for your Garmin Livescope and also for those who want the best, no matter the cost, the 8600 series is where you go. Check them all out at [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]