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Tourney Prep with PRO: Patrick Walters | Harris Chain

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Check in with Omnia Pro Patrick Walters as he preps to take on the Harris Chain.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Patrick Walters here. We're getting the boat finished, tiddied back up. It's April, different time than we've ever been here in Florida. There's a lot of lakes at play, and that's the hard part is breaking them down. We got Harris, Little Harris, Denham, Eustace, Griffin, Dora, Beclair/ Bo-clair, however you want to say it, Apapka, Carlton, Horseshoe. It's a lot of different lakes. And that's why I really had to kind of sit down, I had to use the Omnia Pro App and kind of figure out where was I going to go? What's my plan? What's the water temperature? What's the water clarity? And looking at the atmosphere, kind of seeing the water clarity, a lot of the lakes are dirty. We don't have as much grass as we usually have in the lake, and that's what's kind of weird this time around is there's not much offshore structure. That's really what's hindering us on, I think, catching a lot of fish, and kind of got the fishery in weird shape right now. But then when you kind of look at the water temperature, and you can see the different layers on the Omnia, that it's, some lakes are a little warmer, so it makes it a little bit cleaner, but it kind of helps you find the cleaner water where the springs are at. And that's kind of where you kind of kind of fish the areas that aren't really getting blowed out, the weather's changing, the wind changes direction every single day . You can just look at the wind layer map, and it's like one day it was southwest for two days, then it was northeast, and so it's like, then it comes out of the west, then it's out of the east. And so a lot of the main lakes getting blown out, and that's kind of where a lot of the backwater stuff's still played. Even though it's April, it's post spawn, fish are moving around, you can still catch them shallow. I'm gonna have my old trusty frog. I think the frog is gonna play this week. There's fish gaurding fry, gonna be fun. Goal tomorrow is to survive, go out there, have fun, catch us in fish survive Florida, and then we're gonna take the same chance. So thank you all for checking in, we'll see you all the way in.