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Ike's Monster Jig Tackle Breakdown

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Missile Baits and Mike Iaconelli partnered to make the Ike's Monster Jig and you can probably guess why it's called that. The Monster Jig only comes in two sizes, 1 oz and 1.5 oz!

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Video Transcription

This is the tackle breakdown of the Ike's Monster Jig from Missile Baits. Don't adjust your screens. This is actually how big this jig is. It is a absolute monster jig, hence the name Monster Jig. This was a design by Mike Iaconelli. Forward facing sonar and swimbaits are becoming more and more of a thing and Ike wanted a bait you could throw into heavy cover to target those fish that they're looking at suspended or around heavy cover and get it back to the boat without losing your expensive baits. That hence the Monster Jig.

So this is designed the idea of putting a big oversized paddle tail style swimbait on it or even some of the big giant craws out there. There's not a ton, trust me, I'm looking for them for the ones that will go with this thing to carry on the site for you guys. But honestly, the most I've seen so far with it has been paddle tail style swimbaits, big giant Keitech's, the big Swammer from XZone. There's a whole bunch of different ones out there, even a freestyle Magdraft, a bunch of baits like that you could put on this jig and fish it in heavy cover. Brush is what I'm thinking a lot of, round dock, rungs, laydowns, things of that nature. If you look at what Patrick Walters did on [Lake] Fork a couple of years ago, the jerkbait around all that standing timber, that'd be a perfect example of this where you could throw this with a big paddle tail swimbait around and keep it up a bit of those vicious heads and shake it. I'm sure there's going to be more plastics to go in conjunction with this because obviously this thing's going to show up on forward facing sonar.

It is not a small little bit of lead. In fact, the lead itself is 1.5 ounces. It does feature a horizontal line tie on it, as you see there. It's not vertical, it's horizontal, so this is designed to hit hard cover and come over and through it without snagging up. Typically, when they're vertical, they're a little bit better at cutting through the grass. This is being designed to be fished on your forward facing sonar around that hard cover stuff. So branches, brush, priles, dock, rungs, things like that, like I said, even rock. 10/0 custom VMC hook.

This is that PTE coating, that slick coating you're seeing on your high-end hooks now, and I love this stuff. It is super slick to the touch and makes that hook point even harder. It's got a wire keeper on it for your plastic trailer there and a pretty long oversized skirt there. I don't imagine you need to cut this skirt down too much if you're running a giant boot tail swimbait on it or a giant craw. Like I said, we're hunting down craws to go as trailers for these things, but for right now, think of it as a big swimbait method to get in front of forward-facing sonar with hard cover. Check out the Ike's Monster Jig from Missile Baits. If you're in the market for a big bait delivery system.