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Just Landed: 6th Sense Line Through and Jerkbait

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6th Sense keeps rolling out the hits! Take a look at the innovative new Line Through Treble Head as well as two new finesse-style jerkbait families.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, Joe from Omnia and today we have three brand new baits or new expansions for us at Omnia from 6th Sense. First we have the Treble Head Line Through jig head. This comes in a variety of sizes all the way from 1/8th down here. This is an eighth ounce size. All the way up to a one ounce size for that super deep fishing or ledge style fishing. This little screw head will actually screw into the head of your swimbait with the screw lock feature here and then you're going to run your line through the little cavity in the nose out the top. And actually it allows you then to tie on whatever style of treble hook you want. This is an Owner hook I threw on there. You can put whatever style of tre ble you want to. What makes this so important though is that when a fish grabs onto the swimbait and you set the hook, this treble can slide out and run up and down your swimbait and the weight of the head is going to slide up and down your line getting away from that hook in the fish's mouth. Increasing your landing percentages way way higher with a swimbait, an awesome little design from 6th Sense. Make sure you check out the Treble Head Line Through jig head.

Moving on from there. We have two new jerkbaits. We have the 97X a great little finesse style jerkbait still with three hooks on there and really nice coated premium style hooks on there again with 6th Sense. We've come to see that their color patterns are some of the best on the market. This is no exception. This is an awesome little shad imitator here a great finesse style jerkbait. And we also have the 97DD which is going to be that similar profile smaller jerkbait less than four inches with three little premium hooks on there a longer diving bill. Great to get down deep. Great for livescope and fish in the winter time or if you're fishing summertime fish as well. You need a more finesse presentation. Make sure you check out the Line Through Treble Head and the two new jerkbaits from 6th Sense. [Music]