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Just Landed: ACC Crappie Stix Rods

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We're bringing on more crappie tackle with ACC Crappie Stix! These rods are well-known for catching big ones, so try them out.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody has promised the crappie rods have landed. We're starting to get crappie rods in some of the hottest manufacturers in the crappie game, whether you're a termine angler, Weekend warrior, just looking to put some food on the table. We've got you covered now with a bunch of crappie tons of crappie baits, all the leading technologies and all that stuff and rod manufacturers as well. This one here happens to be ACC, one of the hottest brands in the crappie market. This is their super grip. Uh, this is actually a dock shooting rockets eight ft long, but they're really light. They, you know, you're, you're balancing out the whole setup with these big oversized four grips on them. Super comfortable rods, Great price points. It's been a ACC really, really popular whether your tournament angler like I said, or just putting food on the table. ACC’s got rods for all the techniques that you want to do. They do also have some traditional offerings. You know, some of the shorter type rods that you're using for all around like the midwestern style crop vision. If you're down south, just casting around looking at forward facing sonar, there's some beautiful cork handle. I love this style real seat.

If you guys watch my videos from a lot of bass rods. I love this style, real seat. All their rods feature microwave guides on here that, that we've seen come in here so far. So that's a really good feature if you're running traditional old school amount of filament, it collects up all that loose line and that line, slap, it makes your cast a lot more accurate. So when you look at making tight shots of small little light baits it's a pretty cool feature to have these on the rods there. They've got that and they've also got you get into like these uh trolling and jigging sticks that are much longer. Like this one here I believe is a 13 ft or 14 footer actually. Uh we have lots of long rods now for all those dipping techniques, trolling spider ring, traditional court casting rods. And then you've got some of the jigging rods and dock shooting stuff from ACC. As well. So like I said if you're out trying to step up all your crappie fishing and get some of those big slabs in the boat, check out all the new stuff from ACC Including their baits.