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Ark's Gravity Reels: Proprietary Technology and Great Price Points

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Ark has released a new line of fishing reels called "Gravity Reels." These reels have proprietary technology that sets them apart from competitors and are available in three different models, the Gravity Three, Five, and Seven. The Gravity Seven is particularly impressive in terms of casting distance. Each model has an increasing number of ball bearings and aesthetic upgrades. The reels also have a built-in line indicator on the side plate. The brand is planning to release more information and products in the future.

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  • Ark Fishing Gravity 7 Casting Reel

    Ark Fishing Gravity 7 Casting Reel


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  • Ark Fishing Gravity 3 Casting Reel

    Ark Fishing Gravity 3 Casting Reel


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  • Ark Fishing Gravity 5 Casting Reel

    Ark Fishing Gravity 5 Casting Reel


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  • Ark Fishing Gravity 7 Casting Reel

    Ark Fishing Gravity 7 Casting Reel


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Video Transcription

What's up, everybody just landed is here again with the gravity reels from arc. We've teased these for a while now they are here now in stock. So get your hands on them. Now, I will tell you we had the warehouse gents back their school, these things up and chuck them around in the parking lot and we've got some big gravity fans now uh, in particular the gravity seven here, they're throwing it out in the parking lot, getting the distance to the parking lot. It is one of the furthest casting reels to date that we've spooled up and chucked around.

So these things are the real deal. So you're gonna have to check these things out. I'm glad that they're coming out with these reels and that they're different, that they actually have some proprietary technology in them that makes them different from the competitors out there, coming in a great price points. You've got the gravity three here, which is $129.99. You step into the gravity five, which now get you into that proprietary gravity braking system, which we can get into later in more detail. But the uh, the gravity five's coming in at $179.99 features nine ball bearings, which the six ball bearings and the gravity three. Then you go to the gravity seven, which also has that gravity break that I spoke about the five. But you go to 11 ball bearings.

Uh, these things are all coming in around seven ounces, a little bit of 1/10 of an ounce difference between them. But you get the carbon handle on the, on the seven, you have all metal handle here on the five and the three, but you just step it up with a little bit nicer aesthetics as you go along to. Uh, one of the cool features on the three and the five is they have a line indicator built into the side place. You can actually inside the side plate here, turn a little dial and it'll indicate what size line you have on them as well.

These are slick reels and like I said, we're gonna get into some of the details on that gravity braking system with you with some of the folks from Ark and my own personal breakdown of it because I think it's super slick. It features kind of a hybrid break from a bunch of different manufacturers that they designed themselves. That really does shine at being, you can adjust these things down to being a very easy reel to skip or fish finesse baits with or get some long distance bomb casts. So make sure you check out all these different Ark reels on our site now and stay tuned for more expansion with the guys over at arc. There's some really cool stuff coming from them. Big fan of how they're doing things over there. Ark, stay tuned and go catch them