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Just Landed: BaitFuel BaitStick & Shimano SLX 70

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Just Landed: The Classic winning BaitFuel Bait Stick and the new Shimano SLX 70!


    Video Transcript

    Just landed. Another cool couple products added to the site just recently. One being the classic winning bait fuel stick. So this is a hard bait stick. You actually just take this like chapstick and rub it on your hard baits, any moving baits, things like that. And it obviously gets more bites because it won a classic, right? So if you're a bait fuel, you sent believer, which I am honestly a big sent person. So pretty cool stuff here from bait fuel. We sell the models like crazy. So I'm sure this stick's gonna be a really popular one too. Next up is the Shimano SLX70. This thing is a little gem. We've been passing it around here in the office ever since they arrived. This does have a Haganai body, which makes it feel super solid. This thing does not feel like a $150 reel. They did a great job of this reel. It feels much more expensive than that. It's a common comment we've all had here. It does have their MGL3 spool in it. So it's their lightest weight spool of the day. And SVS Infinity Braking, which is externally adjustable, which I love. Tiny little reel feels super smooth. It feels all metal. This thing feels really, really nice for the money. So cool reel from Shimano and a sent additive for your hard baits. Go shopping. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)