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Just Landed: Beatdown Outdoors Livescope Pointer

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Polish Pete shows off the brand new Pro Pointer from BeatDown Outdoors!

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Video Transcript

What in the world is this thing? This is a pointer. This is becoming a common tool used by touring pros around the country. It's pretty self-explanatory. They come in different configurations for different trolling motor manufacturers, but this is our friends at Beat Down Outdoors solution to the pointer. We're big beat down fans here that we think they make some of the most high-end stuff on the market. It's very over-engineered, like super well-built stuff. Seems pretty simple, right? But this is aiding you quite a bit. What a lot of people are learning is the efficiency of making your first-cast count when you're live-scoping is really, really the big key to being really good at live-scope fishing and being just like the rest of us. The best Japanese anglers at it are making like one cast of these fish. What we 've learned is a lot of it is making sure you make an accurate first cast of those spooky fish that are far off on your live-scope. The pointer, basically, you're lining this with your transducer to make sure that with your eyes, as you're looking at your graph, you can look up and line up that cast perfectly straight every time so that you're getting that cast right on that fish's nose. Check out the new live-scope pointers on the site now from Beat Down Outdoors. We should have all the models in stock now with all the different trolling motors out there.