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Just Landed: Berkley FFS Baits (like the Krej!)

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One of the hottest baits of the year so far just landed on the dock! The Berkley Krej is here along with the Finisher and Power Switch.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? Today's Just Landed is brought to you by Forward Facing Sonar and our friends at Berkley. Everything Forward Facing Sonar seems to be what we talk about a lot here these days. And if you are a competitive angler, you certainly know that it's either sink or swim with it, you're getting involved with all those baits. And Berkley has probably done the best job as a manufacturer so far of adjusting and putting a focus on forward facing sonar lures and different categories. They came out a little bit ago with the Power Switch here. I actually fished with these, caught a big smallmouth on Randy Lake with them actually. Designed pre-rigged kind of soft jerk bait, soft swim bait, however you want to say it. It obviously doesn't have a paddle tail but designed for that snap jigging presentation on forward facing sonar to get fish to go.

And then you've got the Krej here which is jerk spelled backwards. If you haven't seen these, you've been living under a rock. We actually put a ton of these in inventory last week and they freaking went really fast. So sign up for your notifications for when these things get back in stock. I know there's a couple colors with a few models, a few of them left in stock but I don't know when you'll be seeing this. If there's a color you're after, I'd sign up for those notifications. I don't know when the next batch is coming.

Lastly, these are brand new. Just got here today and I don't think we got all of them, but they haven't been put away yet. So sign up for your notifications if they're not in stock yet. Otherwise, hopefully they're in stock when you see this. This is the Finisher. So this is more like that gliding Jigging Rap style bait where it's going to kind of more glide around and forward facing sonar and fish in more of a darting presentation, more for suspended fish keeping the bait up above their head. Where the Jrej here is like a jerk bait. It's going to, you're trying to keep it with erratic action up above their heads and it's falling backwards actually which keeps going right in the target zone. Hence why these have been so popular. This is more like really a minnow profile that looks super realistic that dances around right in the water column right where those fish should be to try and get a reaction bite out of them. So you just try and keep this in the target zone. All three of these families are on the site now. If like I said, I believe the Krej would be the only ones that were flew out the door right away. So sign up for your notifications if they're not in stock. Otherwise grab some and let us know how they do. [Music]