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Just Landed: Ozark Rig and More Core Tackle!

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Matt Stefan and Core Tackle keep rolling out the hits with their innovative designs! Here's a new one to Omnia, the Ozark rig.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? We've got some new additions from our buddy Matt Stefan and the folks over at Core Tackle. Those guys have been really creative. It's really fun to see a lot of the stuff they're coming out with. For example, here's the new Ozark Rig. As you see here, this is a weighted hook so you can Tex-oppose your plastic and not have to Texas rig it. See here? My line ties right here. A rig just kind of upside down with a watermelon on the belly so you can see it a little bit better. But here you can see that this would be rigged weedless and I'd still be able to flip it into cover. I still have weight on it and not have to peg it or put it any weight above my line or anything like that. Pretty cool solution to weedless Tex-opposing right there.

Next up we have some new sizes and the Tush jigs here. These are the ultimate jig head here, swimbait head. These things absolutely are flying for us. It's a great way to add weight to your swimbait, fish it, not having that jig head that lead outside in front of the jig head there.

Then you've got the ever-famous Hover rig. Now we've got new sizes in the Hover rig as well. So an expansion in all the popular Hover rig technique terminal there. So any of the core tackle products on the site now, we've got new sizes. And then also the addition of the Ozark rig. So check out Core Tackle at today. (upbeat music)