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Just Landed: Daiwa BFS Reels!

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If you've been waiting for Daiwa to get into the baitcaster finesse game, you don't need to wait anymore! Pete's here to run through the two new reels.

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Video Transcription

Playing with a bunch of fun stuff today, we got two brand new BFS reels in from our friends at Daiwa. This happens to be the PX, BFS reel from Daiwa, the PX70 to be exact. This thing has aluminum gears, so it's a lightweight kings coming in like five and a half ounces. It's really, really, really light. This reel feels incredible in hand. It does not have an external brake on the side, which is nice, it's got that kind of tucked underneath. So this thing palms awesome. So super tiny little reel. We spooled it up already, put it on this Steeze rod, and we've been throwing around a weightless Trick Worm in the warehouse. Absolutely bombs it. Fun reel to throw around. 50 yards of eight pound test fluorocarbon, or monofilament. So that gives you kind of an idea of that line capacity. Super shallow spools in these BFS reels. If you're not familiar with BFS, there's a ton of content out there on it. It's bait finesse systems, it's for throwing. Basically super lightweight, finesse spinning tackle type applications with a bait caster. So it's a bait caster that's tuned for throwing that spinning rod type tackle, that super finesse stuff. It's fun, it's addictive. It's a cool way to spend some of these winter days we still have here in Minnesota that's hanging on. Before our seasons open up, I've been throwing this thing around a lot in the warehouse here.

If you're not into higher BFS stuff, and this reel's coming in around 350 bucks, Daiwa is offering the Tatula in the 80 size, sorry, it's a 70, I apologize, in the BFS as well. So look how shallow that spool is there, pretty crazy stuff. Once again, same line capacities coming in around 50 yards of eight pound test. You'd be surprised how far you can cast. I got, I believe six pound out in there. You could bomb the thing pretty far. External break on this one. This one does have an extra ball bearing, but it does not have those aluminum gears. It's got brass gears, so this is plenty durable though, if you wanna kinda make it a hybrid reel, which is what I would kinda wanna do with it. I'd wanna throw some braid on here too, and maybe set the hook with some jigs as well. I'm not super finesse-y all the time, so I kinda like the idea of this one. And this is saving you a bunch of money. This one's coming in at like 230 bucks, so 240 bucks I believe. So you got two BFS options for you from Daiwa right now. In stock now, go ahead, jump on 'em. They're not gonna last long. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)