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Just Landed: Deps and RAID

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Two of the hottest bait brands from Japan just dropped new tackle on the site. Check out the new offerings from Deps and RAID Japan!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? We have just landed from across the sea in Japan where our friend Polish Pete is currently visiting. We have from Deps the Deathadder, and we have from RAID Japan, the two biggest sizes of their 2way, the Big 2way and the Magnum 2way. The Deathadder here is gonna be a great little bait fish imitator and some really great colors. Just a three-inch profile, so if you're thinking drop shot, maybe on a small ball head jig for forward-facing sonar fishing. And then from the 2way or in the 2way series from RAIS, the Magnum, a much, much larger size here. And then the regular or the Big 2way, which is a little bit bigger than the normal 2way, a great wacky rig style option with those flapping of tentacles on the sides. Really cool bait from RAID. Make sure you check out the Deps Deathaadder in the RAID Magnum and Big 2way. (upbeat music)