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Just Landed: Jacob Wheeler's Rods from Duckett

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As Joe says, Jacob Wheeler is one of the most on fire pro anglers out there right now! His Select rods from Duckett just arrived and are on the site now.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? Today we have just landed from Duckett Fishing. We have Jacob Wheeler's new Select series, casting rods, spinning rods, and crankbait rods. Here in front of me I have the 7'1" medium-heavy, fast casting rod. My first impressions of this rod, it feels very light and crisp in hand. It's gonna be an awesome rod I think for that $250 price point, it's gonna compete with all those others on the market in that range. Has these nice smaller, more compact micro-style guides here. It can be really good for accurate casting and the best control with your cast as well.

This is the 7 foot medium, fast spinning rod here. There's one spinning rod model that we carry at Omnia. This thing feels great in hand, very lightweight, designed by Jacob Wheeler, who is one of the hottest anglers on the planet right now with no stopping in sight. Make sure you check out at Omnia Fishing, the new Duckett Fishing, Jacob Wheeler's Select series, casting, spinning, and crankbait rods. (upbeat music)