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Just Landed: Gamakatsu Horizon Head

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Just Landed: The highly sought after Gamakatsu Horizon Head is here!

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Video Transcript

Alright everybody this one is straight out of the secret stash. This is something that I'm going to get some flack from for from a lot of the tourney anglers around the country but you've heard us talk about it already you've heard for a while that these are out on the market but I don't think a lot of people understand why they were so highly sought after for so long but this is all about the Gamakatsu horizon head and it's three forms that comes in. It does come in a round bend version comes in a weedless version and then it just comes in the regular LG version the weedless is an LG as well LG is the EWG version the wide gap hook the larger hook in it why would you want that a little ball headed jig to fish your minnows well because a lot of people aren't fishing for smaller bass or not fishing in open water just suspended fish in the water column we're fishing with our Ford-facing sonars now even in cover like brush piles or around docks around hard cover or vegetation that the fish could get you buried in and sometimes they're larger fisher targeting especially since what I think a lot of people haven't climbed onto yet at least the general public is a lot of the minnows people are using for this uh mid-strolling however strolling however you want to call it technique are big seven inch demiki armor shads here this is the hottest bait we have here we burn through these as fast as we get them this is the sakamata shad but this one comes all the way up in an eight inch version and yes a lot of people are deploying this this big amino with their Ford-facing sonar and a little jig head in it on a spinning rod and fishing for six seven eight ten pound largemouth bass and i'm going to be completely honest with you seven to me is not that big at all eight's getting big for me and the fishing i 've done i've done with it so far to be completely honest but i've had the most success myself with this little bit of i've been deploying it over last year i should say i haven't done it much of it this year i did great with six inch and seven inch minnows and that's with minnesota caliber largemouth and smallmouth uh smallmouth i did do a little better with the smaller minnows and that's where this round-band version of the horizon head comes in so you got your typical kind of finessie ball head that helps you with that rolling action that you're trying to get out of the minnow there's some other heads out of the market there that are really excelling at that as well but this one was the one that was really highly sought after by a lot of the turmeric anglers especially the ones that are fishing down south because of the caliber of largemouth they were targeting and the heavy cover of everything now i think even up in our neck of the woods here in the midwest the upper midwest these larger jic heads and larger minnow profiles are going to start to become a bigger and bigger player for any swim bait anglers that are probably laughing at me saying that these are too big or people think they're too big people do think they're too big they're not this is a snack size portion for a lot of our largemouth and even sometimes smallmouth bass they'll hit bigger baits in this so these do feature the gammagatsu nano alpha hooks in them so they're super sharp go try horizon heads you're gonna like them