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Just Landed: Hayabusa Multi-Purpose Ball Head Jig

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The FPJ960 Jig Head from Haybusa is available now and makes for a perfect finesse-sized midstrolling jighead!

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Video Transcript

Just landed from Hayabusa, the FPG 960 multi-purpose ball head jig. This thing comes in a few of the smaller sizes. This is going to be more of your small minnow mid-strolling style jig head. So think three inch baits or smaller even. They come in a one-out size and in the heavier 3/16ths house they come in a two-out size. Pear is pretty good here with the four-inch jack-o-drift fry, a great little mid-strolling bait. You'll see here if you get really close you can see just above the line tie there's actually some lead port there. So the more weight that you get in front of the line tie the better rolling action you'll have with the bait. A great option for those smaller more finessy mid-strolling baits. Make sure you check out the Hayabusa multi-purpose FPG 960 ball head jig. (indistinct)