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Just Landed: Keitech Bait Expansion

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You might know Keitech for their Fat Swing Impact and that's what we love them for too, but they have so much more and they just dropped a bunch of those other great baits on our site!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, Joe from Omnia, and we have just landed an expansion with Keitech. Keitech is known for some of the best swimbaits on the market and other softbaits, including some of their tungsten jigs. Super popular. Here are some new options for us at Omnia.

First, we have the Glide Camarons. So this is might be one of the most unique new offerings that we carry now from Keitech. This little craw-style bait, although it looks like a lot of others on the market, it's actually meant to be rigged completely differently. This bait is meant to be rigged upside down like this. So your hook point's gonna come through the top and there's a slot here to rig your Texas EWG style hook through the belly and then into the backside here. It's more meant to be fished on a super lightweight presentation, maybe no weight added at all, or there's actually a little hole here in the belly just beneath or just above that hook slot, I should say, 'cause it's gonna be rigged upside down where you can put a little nail weight in there. So this bait is gonna be your shallow cover, flipping, pitching. I'm thinking this is more of like your spawn type of bait. You're gonna pitch it around docks, around laydowns, and it's called the Glide Camaron because when it's rigged upside down like this, it'll actually glide away from you as you pitch it into cover that bait'll hit the water and glide away from you. Great for fishing around beds, great for any time bass or shallow and finicky. Make sure you check out the Glide Camaron from Keitech.

Next, another creature style bait in more of the beaver style category. This is the Paddlin' Beaver. So you'll notice here that this big heavy tail here can sway very easily, and there's a thin hinge right here. It is durable enough. I've used these before, and it's just meant for a small, in my opinion, pitching, flipping, power shot, like a heavy drop shot where it can hang out perpendicular like this to your line and get that nice tail kicking action here. A great option from Keitech and some really cool colors. This is a great color here.

Next, we have two chunk style baits from Keitech. These are the Flex Chunks. So initially, these were designed to be more of a soft plastic replacement for your traditional pork style trailers, but any of you who've used a pork style trailer, you know that they're difficult to use once you put it on the hook, they're never coming off, and kind of just a pain to use despite their great fish catching qualities, but Keitech here has these Flex Chunks in two sizes, a medium and a large. These little center pieces do split here. I'm just not doing it for the sake of this video, but this is gonna give you great natural action. It's super soft and supple. This thing just hangs in the water off your jig. A nice waving action. I see this as a dynamite cold water style jig trailer, but then in the larger size, this thing is a monster. So like think of your really big oversized jigs, whether you're flipping a pitching. I see this as a really cool option too once you disconnect these tails on a swim jig actually. You know, swimming it straight, you're not gonna get a lot of action out of it, but when you're shaking your rod tip really nice and hard on a lightweight swim jig, keeping that thing high in the water column, those tails are gonna kick nicely and draw a lot of action.

Lastly, we have a twist on one of the most classic styles of soft baits ever made, and that's the grub. This is the Keitech Flapper Grub. This is a four inch grub. Once you disconnect these tail, these little appendages here are the connectors. This thing has the same style of tail that you see on like the crazy flapper, a really heavy intense action soft bait. Now in a grub style presentation, whether you throw this, you can rig it on a small EWG hook and swim it really high in the water column, or you can throw it on the lightweight jig head. Another option too is that Keitech football jig, that really small football jig, throw this trailer on there, and you'll be surprised, it's a great little dragging bait for smallmouth, a largemouth, any time you need a smaller compact presentation, black, a great color for smallmouth fishing, and then white here, a great color to imitate any shad in your forage or shad based forage lakes. Make sure you check out all these options from Keitech, up on the site now at omniafishing.com. (upbeat music)