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New Keitech Fishing Lure Colors: 4 Color Options to Up Your Catch Game

Dec 7, 2022

Keitech has released a large expansion of colors for their fishing lures, totaling 16 different colors. Keitech is known for their quality fishing products and is a best-selling brand. The four colors featured in the video are Electric Blue Gill, Electric Baby Bass, Melon Magic, and Table Rock Shad

Video Transcription

What's up everybody? Another just land and this one's all about Kai tech. We have a massive color expansion with high tech. In fact, we added every one of their new colors, which totals about 16 different colors. Kind of hard to show you one quick little video here. So, uh, Kipp picked out his four favorite colors and these are the four, we're going to show you right now. But go to the high tech page, you'll see all the new colors we have indicated on there from high tech.

Everybody knows Keitech and brand everything Keitech make catches them really, really good. In fact, it's one of our best selling brands by a long shot uh, confidence bait for a lot of people, including myself, multi species catcher, but definitely key in the bass fishing world and start out with electric blue gill. This thing, super slick, Great bluegill color, Great bluegill indicator. Just a little flash in there to add it with the bluegill pattern. You've got electric baby bass. Baby bass has always been one of my confidence colors in the spring. When a lot of people throw red. I like to throw that natural pattern and the baby bass. But having a little flashed up a little bit is pretty cool

 So electric and then you go to melon magic. This thing is absolutely beautiful. It will not do it justice right now, you're gonna have to take a look at this thing on the site to see how cool this one is. And then table rock shad. I don't even know why. I don't fish table rack that much, but I'm gonna be buying these today. So check out all the new colors from, from high tech that just landed on the site now and go catch them.