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Leviathan Swimbait Rods: Premium USA-Made for Big Baits and Bass

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Discover Leviathan swimbait rods: USA-made, lightweight powerhouses for big baits and trophy bass. See why anglers love these premium rods at competitive prices.

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Hook, Line, and Sinker: Leviathan Omega Swimbait Rods

Ready to up your big bait game? Check out the Leviathan Omega swimbait rod series:

  • Made in the USA - quality you can trust
  • Built for the big boys - some models can handle lures up to 16 ounces!
  • Surprisingly lightweight - featuring North Fork composite blanks
  • Powerhouse performance - perfect for landing trophy bass
  • Available now:
    • 8-foot models in stock and ready to ship
    • 7'9" finesse models coming soon (stay tuned!)
  • Premium quality without the premium price tag

Whether you're a seasoned swimbait enthusiast or looking to dive into the world of big baits, these rods are designed to give you the edge on the water. Time to show those lunkers who's boss!

Video Transcript:

This is a big just landed and I mean big because it's for throwing big big baits made in the USA Leviathan swim bait rods. This is a brand that's after our own hearts here at that Amia That's because some of our very own employees here at Amia fishing that are swim bait heads Love these rods. It's a tough one for us because shipping eight foot rods has been a challenge for where we're at the The eight foot models in these are in stock right now You can purchase them right now as of when you see this video the seven nine finesse rods should be in stock by then This and the Omega swimbait series from Leviathan here If not sign up for your notifications, they're in transit They should be here any day now, but you've got rods that go all this one was rated up to 16 ounces and man It feels like it. I feel like I could throw a gallon of milk with this thing around for sure. It is absolutely a powerful, but these things are amazingly well built there North Fork composite blanks insanely lightweight. I'm gonna tell you right now this eight foot heavy here that doesn't have the reel on it I was playing with this one This is lighter than most of my this thing feels more alive and lighter than most of my bass flipping sticks that are much shorter and must Let much less powerful a lot less material so beautifully made rods if you're in the market for I mean By no means are these a budget rod They're they're expensive But they are nowhere near as expensive as I thought they'd be after picking them up and playing with them And that's pretty rare these days you guys now all know what I'm talking about great price point for this high end of rod made in the USA Leviathan swim bait rod. This is the Omega swim bait series You've got to check these out if you're in a swim bait fishing You want to try a rod made in the USA does design specifically for how can big baits and land a big bass Leviathan Omega swim bait rods at omniafishing.com