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Just Landed: New Battery Expansion

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New boat batteries are on the site! After some customer requests, we expanded and brought on PowerHouse Lithium and Dakota Lithium.

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Video Transcription

Hey everybody, Kipp here. Wanted to let you all know that we recently expanded our lithium battery line. We added both PowerHouse Lithium and Dakota Lithium. So to navigate to our lithium batteries, we'll go to Marine and scroll-- actually just click on Boat right here in the top left. And if you scroll on the side, you can see our brands. We previously-- or we currently carry Pro Guide batteries as well. They've been awesome to work with. But we know that there are some brand loyal anglers out there, and we wanted to expand.

So we added PowerHouse, which you can find here, and Dakota Lithium here. I also wanted to point out a couple of the cool products we've added. So if we look at Dakota Lithium, the two that stand out for me as versatile batteries are the 2 DL+ 12V batteries. They've got it in 135AH and a 60AH. Cool thing about these is they can be used as a deep cycle battery or a cranking battery. So they've got cranking power, but they're also an awesome deep cycle battery if you need to use it for your trolling motor or your electronics. And then if we hop over to PowerHouse, one of the cool products that stands out to me is their 12V 105AH cranking battery. So an awesome feature about this battery is it's obviously going to be a great starting battery. But if you're in a sticky situation on the water, you happen to run out of battery or out of power, you can hold this emergency start button on the back for a few seconds, it'll give you enough juice to fire up your outboard and bring it back to the dock safely. So we've expanded our lithium battery offerings here at Omnia Fishing. If you have another brand that you happen to enjoy, feel free to reach out to us. We'd be happy to take that into consideration. But if you hop on over to our site, we've got you covered for now. [MUSIC PLAYING]