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Revolutionize Your Fishing Gear Storage with Plano's Award-Winning Boxes and Bags

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Explore the latest innovation in fishing gear storage with Plano's award-winning Edge Frog Box, StowAll Utility Bag Deluxe XL, and advanced Hook Boxes. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and efficiency for anglers.

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Plano's EDGE Frog Box: A Game-Changer in Lure Organization

Introducing the Plano EDGE Frog Box, a compact yet efficient solution for organizing your frog lures. Its unique vertical hanging system ensures your frogs are stored without damage, preserving their shape and effectiveness. The Edge Frog Box's rust restrictor plastic and water-wicking technology make it ideal for both boat and garage storage, safeguarding your lures against the elements.

Maximize Your Storage with Plano StowAll Utility Bag Deluxe XL

The Plano StowAll Utility Bag Deluxe XL redefines the way anglers carry their gear. Designed to fit the same dimensions as a 3700 box, it offers ample space with a gusseted, stand-up bottom. Label your bag for easy identification of contents, and trust the waterproof, oversized zipper to protect your gear. This bag is a must-have for anglers who prioritize organized and accessible tackle storage.

Revolutionary Hook Storage: Plano EDGE Hook Boxes

For anglers valuing precision, the Plano EDGE Hook Boxes in sizes 3600 and 3700 are a perfect choice. These boxes feature slit foam for secure hook storage, with larger slots for jig heads and other larger items. The boxes come with a rust restrictor and a waterproof gasket, ensuring the longevity of your high-end hooks. The 3700 size even includes a bulk storage section for packaged hooks, offering an unmatched level of organization and protection.

Embrace the Versatility of Plano's Storage Solutions

Whether it's the groundbreaking Frog Box, the versatile StowAll Utility Bag, or the innovative Hook Boxes, Plano's range of storage solutions caters to every angler's need. These products not only organize but also protect your valuable gear, making them essential additions to your fishing arsenal. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from Plano and transform your fishing experience with these top-notch storage options.