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Just Landed: Nories Sankaku T-San and More!

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Some very uniquely shaped soft plastics showed up on the dock! Have you ever seen something shaped like the Sankaku T-San Worm?

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody we got a Just Landed and this one's really weird because it 's got a bunch of baits I can barely say the names of it's from Nories. Nori Altenabe was a Bassmaster Elite Series angler from Japan back in the day, even qualified for a Classic. Super cool guy, makes a lot of really good baits over Japan and gets used making him really popular now that is one Takumi Ito. Bassmaster Elite Series Pro has been opening our eyes up to a bunch of new techniques, new styles of plastics. Much like this Sankaku T-San, I didn't say that right but that's about as good as you're going to get from me. The Sankaku T-San is this worm which I'd seen before but I'd never seen it f ished in person until we saw Taku start to do it. He's actually using a Tex-opposed style hook like a tiny little EWG hook and putting it in here and fishing it weedless like a Neko rig. So you can actually hook this like nose hook this portion, weedless hook this portion, put a jig head in this portion of the worm and you fish this along the bottom like a Neko rig. So cool, very different bait. If you're fishing somewhere where it's tough to get baits, this is the type of stuff you got to be looking at. Next up here, this is the Front Flapper Curly. You've seen a whole bunch of baits like this and from American counterparts. Little bigger usually. The Japanese plastics tend to be a little bit smaller for the flipping stuff but this one here has four kicking appendages on it. We've seen baits like this shine around the spawn around bed fishing times. This has got that scent of Japanese plastics to it, real soft, real greasy feeling plastic. So if you want to downsize your little T-rig presentation for bed fishing or spring fishing, fishing vegetation, this is a cool one here. Lastly, this is the Flip Dom. I think I've talked to you guys about this one before. This is another entry into that heavy weighted soft plastic game where you don't need a sinker. You can just rig this Tex-opposed, fish it weightless. Obviously you can hook it different ways if you wanted to but it's kind of designed to be flipped weightless. It will sink because of the heavy denseness of the plastic. It should get you more bites because it's falling much more subtly and kind of shimming on its way down like a Neko. But you're getting that heavy enough plastic you can fish it without a weight. So all this stuff's on the site now, go check out this and the other Nories stuff on the site now. [Music] [BLANK_AUDIO]