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Just Landed: Precision Sonar

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Precision Sonar is landing on the site with all the tools to make your life better from graph protection, to motor protection, they've got what an angler needs to stay safe and efficient on the water.

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Video Transcription

Precision sonar has arrived at Omnia Fishing and here we're going over some of their most popular products from things to protect your investment, keep yourself safe on the water, and be more efficient when you're fishing up shallow around vegetation.

First we have Graph Glass. This is going to come in sizes for all of the most popular models from Humminbird, Garmin and Lowrance. This is just an example of a Helix 10, but we have every unit you can imagine This is a protector for your screens of your graph. So whether it's a touchscreen or button style graph, you're gonna keep those things protected. You know everyone's heard those horror stories of a flipping weight come out of the water and smashing into their screen, destroying their, you know, multiple thousand dollar units. Keep those things safe with Graph Glass, a great investment for your to keep your gear protected

Then we have The Leash. This is a very unique product and one that maybe every angler should consider having on their boat. This deal will wrap around the rear of your outboard engine and it's actually going to keep it so that if you're running down the lake or down the river, that's one thing that river rats should really look into this in my opinion. If you hit something in the water that motor is going to want to fly backwards and you're at high speeds 50, 60 plus miles per hour even, this is going to make it so that outbard does not want to fling up and wind up in the back of your boat. This is something that if you look it up this has happened before, it's very dangerous. Something that you'll want to take a look at with your fishing around shallow cover a lot. You're running through, you know, timber or you're on the river where deadheads are flowing downstream. Another investment to keep yourself safe on the water and make sure you're fishing for all the years to come.

And lastly we have a neat little gadget for your trolling motor This is the Ninja Grass Blade. This comes for all of your standard Ultrex or Minnkota motors, and also there's a variant for the Lowrance Ghost. This is just you clip this on your trolling motor right where the prop screws into the motor head on the bottom of the trolling motor and this little blade here is going to slice away at any grass that's coming across your trolling motor and bogging your motor down. Definitely a great feature for shallow water anglers or just specific times of the year I see myself putting this on my trolling motor for that spawn, prespawn, post spawn time of year when you're up shallow vegetation starting to grow up, you get some of those really gross gnarly stringy weeds that just gets stuck and bogged down in your motor This is going to keep that thing clean. We also have a variety of other products from Precision Sonar on site. Make sure you check those out at omniafishing.com. (upbeat music)