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Just Landed: SEVIIN Spinning Reels

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SEVIIN's casting reels were a hit with the Omnia crowd, and now the spinning reels are here too! Pick up one for yourself soon!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody? We have a just landed for you and this time it's SEVIIN spinning reels. So the brand SEVIIN, which is designed and engineered by our friends over in Park Falls, Wisconsin at the St. Croix factory. These are their new entry into spinning reels. We got the GF baitcaster earlier this year. And we've actually turned those things a few times and had really good reviews for them being sort of an entry level baitcaster and people are finding some value in those so we're really hyped to see what the spinning reels were like. They showed up. We have been messing around with the GS series here. This is a seven ball bearing reel with 22 pounds of drag and it's 7.9 ounces. We spooled up some line on it. Just been playing it with here and some bend tests with rods and like playing with the drag and messing around with it. Really solid feeling reel. What I like about them so far is the fact that the rotors and the spools are a little, in my opinion, oversized for a typical 3000 size reel, which does help with line lay and speed of pickup. I think your line management is much better when you use a larger rotor and larger arbor in the school. At least that's what I found throughout my life of spinning reels.

You can step it up to the GX series here. This is the higher end version also in a 3000. These are both mine, by the way, so I got both the bigger sizes. This is a 7.7 ounce reel. This is an 11 ball bearing system on this one here. So if you want to step it up a little bit, you can go up to this one. It's a little bit lighter. It's got a little bit more ball bearings in it. So looking at probably just a little bit more smoothness and longevity out of this one. Obviously, they're both brand new. Haven't been able to get them on the water yet, but I'm going to get them on the water real soon. I promise. Thanks, St. Croix for helping us be a launch partner for the new brand of reels out there in the market, SEVIIN. Go grab them now. [Music]