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Just Landed: Shimano Rod, Reel, and Jerkbait

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More tackle landed from Shimano including some amazing (as usual) rods and reels but also one jerkbait that Jacob already loves from trying it this summer.

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody it's Polish Pete, I'm at Omnia's headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota and we have a cool Just Landed for you. That's right, Just Landed they're gonna start rolling out hot and heavy again because a whole bunch of stuff from ICAST keeps rolling in and new products for 2024 starting to show up now. Thankfully we have a lot of fun stuff to talk about over this frigid winter.

We're having first up from Shimano, we got the Twin Power. This is not a new product to them, but it's a new product to us, this is here by customer request. There's a whole bunch of Shimano nuts out there telling us that this is the best high-end Shimano spinning reel, bang-for-your-buck-wise. This is actually a saltwater reel, salt water rated that's no problem in fresh water though. It just means that it'll be sealed up better and less corrosion for even in fresh water instances unless dirt and debris getting to the internals of the reel and everything like that. So far biggest thing I noticed is this is one of the absolutely most beautiful drags on a reel that's not up in those crazy seven, eight, nine hundred dollar price points things like that, unbelievable feeling drag this thing is super liquid smooth and it's made in Japan. Not a lot of spinning reels made in Japan anymore, that's usually for the exclusively for the super super high-end stuff. So check out the Shimano Twin Power now. I see why you guys are asking for it.

Next up the World Minnows. I got told by the folks at Shimano that this is one of the best casting If not the best casting jerkbaits ever and i'm not gonna lie. I was like no it ain't there's no way, I couldn't feel a big giant tungsten transfer ball in there. I didn't think so. Well, they were right. We threw this thing around and absolutely launches. It's got one of the best weight transfer systems I've seen in a jerkbait ever this thing absolutely flings into the wind and Jacob our buyer blasted them blasting a bunch of big smallmouth this winter on it. Can't wait to add a bunch of these to my arsenal as well.

Lastly Shimano Intenza rods casting and spinning, we already sold out of the spinning model, so a bunch of you were waiting for these things to show up. Absolutely beautiful in hand, really nice cosmetic upgrades on these. The blank does feel a lot lighter and nicer than I expected for the price point. So for all you people out there on a budget looking for some really nice stuff that doesn't look like budget stuff you should check out these Shimano Intenzas, really impressive stuff for the money. Take care and go catch 'em. (upbeat music)