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Just Landed: SPRO

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Some awesome baits just landed on the dock as well as some new ways to protect your expensive baits while you're traveling!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody, here's another Just Landed as promised, and this one's from our friends at SPRO. We've got these Surppa, which I've been waiting for for a long time from them. I think this is a brilliant idea. This is actually like a plastic sleeve to put your baits, in your more expensive baits. So you've got expensive jerkbaits, swimbaits, big swimbaits, anything like that that costs a whole bunch of money, you want to keep them safe. For me personally, I do a lot of fishing with my friends and when I travel around the country, and I'd like a way to be able to just throw a few loose crankbaits and jerkbaits and things of that nature and swimbaits, and a bag or a box and take them with me without the fears of those treble hooks getting stuck on things or damaging the finishes on the bait. So these things should be a big hit, a bunch coming a package for you. So you should check these things out if you 're a bait collector, or you just like me or a mobile fisherman that fishes all over the place with a whole bunch of different people.

Next up is two jigs from Chris Johnston. So we have the Chris Johnson swim jig and the Chris Johnson Flip is flipping jig. Both feature Gamakatsu hooks and were designed by Elite Series Pro out of Canada, Chris Johnson. Both of them, like I said, are going to be a big hit with Canadian anglers, but these are, he's really good down in Florida. Don't sleep on Chris Johnston or the Johnston brothers for that matter, matter down in some vegetation . Hence why you see swim jig and a flipping jig. Go down them there.

Shashimmy's. These things are super, super sneaky for any fisheries that feature herring in them. Any shad-based forage, perch forages, minnow forages in general, these things will work. But the bodies of water that feature herring, that's why they made this thing. A very, very popular bait that was discontinued. It was very similar to this in style and it absolutely crushes them down on those lakes, down in the Carolinas, in northern Georgia and all that stuff. Check out the Shashimmy Swimmers now from SPRO, the flipping and swim jig and the Surppa's. Get yourself some of these, especially if you're a jerkbait junkie or a swimbait junkie. I think you're going to dig them. (upbeat music)