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Just Landed (Almost!): St. Croix Physyx Rods

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St. Croix sent over some of their new line of Physyx rods! Jacob has the overview of the line here, but make sure to check out Pete's breakdown of each Physyx rod bend too. To celebrate the new arrival from St. Croix, we're giving away a free Physyx rod. Sign up before 3/22/24 to be notified when they're available and you'll be entered to win.

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  • St. Croix PHYSYX Spinning Rods

    St. Croix PHYSYX Spinning Rods

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  • St. Croix PHYSYX Casting Rods

    St. Croix PHYSYX Casting Rods

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Video Transcription

Newly added to the site is the St. Croix Physyx family of rods. This is St. Croix's Bassmaster Classic launch coming in 17 casting rods, 8 spinning rods. These feature a fully unpainted blank. This is their SC4 technology blank. This is similar to what's in the Legend Tournament. Also new, the Trigon handle, but this time fully carbon fiber handle. So this handle is fully carbon fiber here. And also down here at the bottom, you'll notice this nub. This is to help improve your casting ability, both with accuracy and distance. Allows you to get a different leverage here down at the bottom. Two fully carbon fiber pieces down here at the handle and unpainted blank. This rod is balanced. It feels great. Pete will be doing a full breakdown of all the bending on all these. So you'll be able to see how each action differs from another within the St. Croix family and check them out at the Bassmaster Classic. They'll be launching soon. [MUSIC]