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Just Landed: Strike King Bitsy

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Finesse presentations are the talk of the town, along with BFS! If you're a BFS or finesse angler, these Bitsy baits will be perfect for your arsenal.

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Video Transcription

What's up everyone, Joe from Omnia, and today we have just landed from Strike King, the Bitsy series of hardbaits. So Strike King has always had the Bitsy family with their jigs and plastics. Very popular, great for a compact presentation when fish are finicky or need a smaller profile. But now we have that in the hardbaits line with three of their most popular full size hardbaits. Now in a Bitsy version, we have the Bitsy Splash. This is just like the KVD Splash in a much smaller 2 and a quarter inch size here with a feathered treble on the tail here. So still a nice good treble hook on the tail to get a little more action, a great little small popper. Next we have the Bitsy Dawg, just like the Sexy Dawg and a much smaller walking style topwater bait, a great little compact walking style topwater. And then of course we'd be remiss to not say that they have a jerkbait as well in the Bitsy series. This little tiny guy here is going to be great for those bass that are feeding on really small baits or even if you're a panfish angler, a crappie angler, this is a great choice as well. From Strike King, check out the Bitsy series. This is going to be really important or something you'll keep your eye on if you're a BFS style angler and you're looking for small hardbaits to now throw with your BFS casting gear. So check out the Strike King Bitsy series of hardbaits. [Music]