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Just Landed: Strike King Expansions and New Baits

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Over 170 new Strike King products! Here's just a few of them.

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Video Transcription

As promised back again with another just landed. And this one we really had to drill it down to a small representation of what we're talking about because we're unpacking 100 and 74 new skews from Strike King alone right now. So this is obviously a small representation of that. You're gonna have to go check it out. Especially the new color expansions. I think Strike King is doing the best job I've seen at color editions and a long, long time from any manufacturer. Some really cool new colors that got me all fired up about buying some of my favorite baits that I fish all year round to uh some new colors, especially in a few of the families will get to that. But starting off with some of the hard bait editions, uh, ones that stood out to me. K. V. D. Elite 300 jerk bait. So this one is actually coming with some unique, really cool high quality finishes on it. Really cool colors. These are handpicked colors by Kevin Van Dam. 

This one happens to be called pro sizzle, which is an awesome color for a jerk bait name. And then you've got the KB. D. Triple grip, uh trouble hooks on its stock from the factory. So no need to upgrade this one. You take it out of the box and go, it's got a weight transfer system. I've got a lot of friends who found a ton of confidence in this bait on the great lakes already, I've actually fished in sturgeon Bay myself. This is a great jerk bait. Um Next up is the chick magnet Junior. So you're seeing the big rise again and flat sided crank baits. The chick magnet came out was a popular one from Strike King and now there's a little mini version of it here. So if you're really having a hard time catching them, bust out the little mini chick magnet JR probably gets through some key bites on a tough day of fishing. Uh, color expansions now and some of my favorite families debates. 

Everybody loves a rage craw can't beat them in those hot, warm summer months. Uh, this color here I believe is watermelon meat, beautiful looking color. It's got some purple kind of iridescent purple, kind of mixed into the watermelon here is a beautiful looking color, uh, bunch of new colors and rage across a bunch of new colors and rage bugs. This one here was the one I was most excited about. Somebody told me to go find these and we did and I'm glad we did. Uh, I'm a big blue cross fan. I love that kind of iridescent blue kind of mixed into green pumpkin. This one's got red flake in it as well. So, uh, hard to show it right now, but we'll get some close up to this one. This is a beautiful color. There's a bunch of really cool new colors in these, really exciting for all you smallmouth anglers and a lot of you spotted bass anglers forward facing sonar guys, baby Z two's and lots and lots of cool new colors. They have siren in this. Now a bunch of small mouth catching colors that are additions to the Z to family and the baby Z two has been a fish catcher for a long time. I know, especially up here in my neck of the woods. Baby Z two kills it, new colors and that. Lots of new colors. Some new plastics. We have the rattling Rage Craw. Now, this thing's got an internal rattle built into it. I don't know if you can hear that, but uh, it's a rage crawl with a rattle in it. A little scary up in my neck of the woods, uh, throwing a rattle in the bait that kicks like crazy like that could be dangerous and some open cold water in the summer with the pike around. But I guarantee you when it comes to matted, thick vegetation, this thing's gonna snatch him up here. 

Rattling rage craw is something that will aid a lot of anglers that are fishing really dirty water that needs some sound in there or if you're really hunting down that big, big bite from uh, in something dense matted vegetation or just thick, dense, even deep vegetation to help those fish, go find this bait, The Zeus worm is next. This is just a big, giant ribbon tail style worm. So if you offshore anglers, ledge, fishermen, things of that nature. You've got another offering from Strike King and that .

And lastly there open pour technology. This is the filler word, beautiful finishes on these very, very finesse baits, perfect for a drop shot neko rig, all that kind of stuff that open pour technology, something Strike King shined at for a while. And this is another example, finesse style bait. It's got kind of a flat paddle tail on the back end of it. So it's gonna give you some really good action with very subtle movements. Like I said on a drop shot or Neko rig, anything like that. So this, like I said, it's just a sampling of the new stuff we have from Strike King. There's a whole whole bunch of it. So go check out the Strike King page on the site and check out all the new stuff from Strike King and we'll be back with more just landed.